New releases 08/02


Silk Road Assassins sounds really good
not got properly into Xiu Xiu record yet


Really like the Lau record. Felt a bit samey on my first few listens but it’s definitey growing on me the more I listen to it.

Totally forgot the new HEALTH album was out this week. Having my first listen now and really enjoying it. Absolutely hate the title though.


The Jozef Van Wissem and Jim Jarmusch record is sounding good to my ears - reminiscent of the wonderful Paterson soundtrack, which makes sense.


really like this


The Jessica Pratt album is rather lovely.


New Be Forest album was out on Friday:

Loving it so far


Admittedly only listened to it once but this feels much more in tune with their first album than that last one (which I thought was awful).


Only a couple of tracks in but really enjoying this. Never heard them before…is this record pretty indicative of their other stuff?


Honestly couldn’t tell you


Her voice is putting me off…


giving this another listen now, oh man those guitars on ‘After its own death: Side B’

Feels like a proper progression in some ways


The Xiu Xiu record is the usual mixture of wonderful and unlistenable


Quite enjoying the Ossia record, industrial techno, dub, ambient noise type stuff along similar lines to Young Echo, Vessel etc.


This was solid. Felt like something that should be playing in a spa.


Missed this one from last week - but it’s absolutely stunning


This EP is great. Reminds me of a bit of Mission of Burma’s re-union material. His voice is very similar to Roger Miller’s


This on my to-do list. CPU always deliver the goods.


Wow it really does doesn’t it