New Releases 09/02/2018

What’s lined up today then?

Quieter week for me I think. Had a listen to Cranberry - Hovvdy this morning on the drive in. FFO Alex G I suppose.


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Starting out with the new Paper Dollhouse, which I imagine will be hazy, eerie electronica based on their last album

Wfh, and my wife left my laptop by the bed. Just put this on and i don’t think I’ll be moving any time soon, well not forbthe next 40 mins.

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Ezra Furman
Bridgid Mae Power
Joan As Policewoman

New Go Go Penguin is hopefully going to whet my whistle. Loved the last 'un.

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Ezra, MGMT, Franz Ferdinand, the Black Panther OST and Son Lux all on my list for today.

Ezra Furman, Joan As Policewoman and Chemtrails.

Will be checking out the Hovvdy album, big fan of Alex g so cheers for the heads up. Will listen to the new Brian Fallon record too, quite liked his debut

The new Anenon unexpectedly appeared last night. It hasn’t quite grabbed me as much as Petrol did on first listen but there’s some undeniably beautiful stuff on here. File under ambient/modern classical with a smidge of electronica.


One of my all time atds band released this today and it’s pretty fucking great.

Creepy, riffy post punk - like a hardcore Les Savy Fav, shades of The Jesus Lizard, Protomartyr, Meat Wave and the first Liars album.

Whole album is on Bandcamp and Spotify.


Completely out of the blue, Y Niwl have just released their second album this morning.

The first album blew me away eight years ago. Totally riffy instrumental surfpop. Only had the chance to listen to the first half of the new one but it’s more of the same.

So happy to have them back. They acted as Gruff Rhys’ backup band for a bit when he was releasing solo records and toured a lot; hope they do again.


The new Alela Diane album for me this morning. Nice mellow way to start the day.

Oh I’ll be having a bit of that then. Mouth is watering with that description :drooling_face:


This sounds right up my street, cheers!


For me it’s Aenon, Franz Ferdiand (which I am very excited to hear) and Go Go Penguin.

Ezra is the main one for me, about half way through and really enjoying.

Will check out Franz because of nostalgia (and the singles have been decent).

Maybe MGMT also but what i’ve heard so far has just reminded of the worst parts of Foxygen.

Alright then, this GoGo Penguin is fucking brilliant.


Enjoying Hovvdy so far - thanks again for the steer @rich-t; I am sooooo tempted to reference it as their ‘sophomore’ album, just to irk @Scagden (:fearful:). But I won’t. It’s their second album …


Double Double Whammy are smashing it atm