New Releases 09/02/2018


Double Double Whammy are smashing it atm


The drum intro to Modern Mind is a blatant rip off of FNM Real Thing… but what a beat to nick, love it! Yeah this is GREAT so far, cheers for posting it


This is really good


I wasn’t sure about Paper Dollhouse at first but the second half of the record has won me over.


Anyone else been listening to the new Palm? Very much enjoying it, there’s a line in the Tiny Mix Tapes review about it “radicalizing normality” which sums it up really nicely I reckon with all its wide-eyed weirdness and abstraction.


Saw Ezra Furman do the new album in full last night at Rough Trade East. Great show.


The Franz Ferdinand album is worth a couple spins by the way. It’s not amazing and definitely dips in the middle but there’s some decent stuff on there


Oohh you were at the Chemtrails show where we played with them at PDV weren’t you?? Good Band, that.


Stoked that people are in to it! Great bunch of lads.


im 3 tracks in and its terrible

if it dips in the middle then…joy


It’s pretty good. Their album from 2015 is well worth your time if you’ve not heard it


Yeah. I was there. Great line up that night. Great bands. When/where are you guys playing next?


lol, alright then


The opening song on the Ezra Furman album sounds so much like Badlands to me I just can’t take him seriously, I had the same issue with My Zero and Chicago


New Efrin Menuck today too


They’re a new name to me, will give it a listen shortly. Cheers!


Nice. Hoping to catch him on this tour, such a great live act.


Go Go Penguin
Ezra Furman
Joan The Police Women
Alela Diane
and the Black Panther soundtrack

for me lads.


Thanks for the heads up. Guessing this is just digital only for now?

Will give it a listen after I’m done with the new Fu Manchu album, which is obviously More Of The Same but still sounds like an absolute shitkicker on first listen.


Tried and quickly aborted Franz and MGMT