New Releases 09/02/2018


Last week


I’m speaking from last week. Will Liverpool v spurs be worth watching?




Well done @Severed799 your credibility as a reviewer is forever ruined now. Over a Franz Ferdinand album in 2018 no less. I hope you’re very disappointed in yourself :wink:




yeah Palm is goood. I wanna say it’s quite math-rocky but I’ve not really listened to much math-rock. It’s certainly all herky-jerky. The vocals float really nicely over the grooves, very Beach Boys/Animal Collective. Also I like the clangy steel drums (if that’s what they are) that are on a couple of tracks.





The correct answer tbf. Sorry if I caused any offence as it was meant to be taking the piss out of the response to you than you yourself.


This sounds right up my street, will definitely be checking it out


Nope! CD and LP are available right now. My copy’s already been dispatched.


haha it’s ok, Franz Ferdinand isn’t a sword worth dying on


Legend Of The Seagullmen is out today, Brent from Mastodons latest side project, with Danny Carey out of Tool. It’s a bit silly (well, very, it’s nautical themed prog metal) but I’m enjoying it.


This. He just sounds like Bruce Springsteen’s geek little brother or something.


If it was aimed at me then I stand by my opinion regardless of others reputations


New songs all sounded ace at the Roundhouse last night. Stunning live band.


Ol Pussymagnet Menuck has a solo album out?!


Bit underwhelmed by this week’s offerings. MGMT and Ezra Furman are both in the category of stuff that I find just a bit too much of everything.

Looking forward to the Black Panther soundtrack, reviews making it sound like an unexpectedly substantial release.


Hovvdy, Cranberry.


Very relaxing stuff - feeling all nice and woozy listening to it, and it’s not because I 've had a few glasses of wine … well could be that too :P. Definitely one to listen to before going to bed.