New Releases 09/02/2018


Yep pitchfork say it sounds like Springsteen. I think they might have listened something else


It’s a lot of fun, thanks for the heads up.


Son Lux, the previous albums have all made my top 10 of the year, not yet sure about the opening track but really enjoying the rest, and I think it could be a big grower. I’d say there a some more traditional pop’ish moments and it’s more lyrical on the whole, but they retain their stylisation with deep electronic beats and breaks and broken moments lying over the classical strings and brass.

artworks a bit ‘meh’ mind

Ordered the new Tape Loop Orchestra too, so looking forward to getting that in the post and droning out to that.


And that’s 100% fair enough. I wasn’t really trying to put anyone down - I’ve never listened to the album. Was just trying to have a wee joke with Severed but it seems to have failed spectacularly. No offence intended toward you either


mate you’ve really bollocksed this :smiley:


Just guitar run through MIDI effects from what I saw in live vids, very cool effect still.


No love for MGMT? Quite enjoyed the few tracks they’ve put up of late. The videos are pretty damn great too, and isn’t it the Chairlift fella that’s been involved?


Just listened to the album - loved it! I don’t think there’s one song I don’t like in that album (maybe the last one?) - That’s synth pop gold throughout. Really like it. I’m going to play it a lot this year I feel.


listened to it 3 times yesterday, really dig it. Gotta be careful not to burn myself out on it in a week as it is the kind of fun hooky album that I’ve done that with before


I’m only on my second listen, but I’m really enjoying this Horseflies album and can tell it’s going to get better and better as each song starts jumping out. Thanks for the recommendation, I had never heard of them before and this seems right up my alley.

This one’s certainly great:

Feeling good about the state of music given that my top three from this year (and everything that I’ve been interested in) consists only of bands I’d never heard or heard of. Hopefully Ought breaks that streak next week though.


Not completely loving it yet

Have really enjoyed their previous albums

I was well on board with the opening of the first track but then there weren’t enough surprises for me throughout the album

Decent enough and will give it more time but sadly I think I’ll forget about it soon


Totally agree on GoGo Penguin. Been listening a lot today and it’s great. Recognised most of the songs from Thursday night. Worth seeing them do it all live, if you haven’t already.


Pretty crap band name though.


Liking the Ezra album…not heard any of his stuff before. Is it all kinda maxed out/lo-fi and messy?!


Another first-timer with his work here too. Really enjoyable in parts - even the Bandlands-lite first track has that nifty little distinct* keyboard riff over the top that’s great

*as in a completely different keyboard line to the equally-great piano line in badlands


Same, I had heard his name and a song or two before. I did not expect that level of quality in the songwriting - some great songs on that album, very consistent. I will be listening to that a lot this year too. I’ve already made a playlist out of his back catalogue and planning to catch up over the next few months. A really good weekend for me regarding new albums and music.


Have a listen to the ezra album day of the dog

Its so good.


Much obliged


Thought Simple Minds’ new album was fairly catchy. Not even a big Simple Minds fan it just appeared under the ‘new music’ section on Spotify.


Yeah Horseflies has been my surprise of the year so far, never heard of them outside of this thread, great album.