New Releases 09/02/2018


Finally getting around to listening to the new Son Lux. Only on the 5th song so far, but am really enjoying it. I don’t think I loved their last album too much, as maybe it seemed a bit too familiar in comparison to their previous ones, but this one feels nice so far.


I’m really loving the Joan As Policewoman album. As usual it’s an understated slow burner and very brilliant.


The Ezra Furman album really is excellent, liked the singles from his past records but haven’t connected with a full length up until this one. I think I’ll be listening to this a lot over the course of the year.

Enjoyed the MGMT, Kyle Craft and Hovvdy albums too. Hovvdy sounds a lot like Alex G don’t they?

Still need to check out Horseflies and the Franz Ferdinand one. Good day for releases.


Indeed, Ezra Furman’s record is something quite special, it has that big romantic feel, a bit like Springsteen but more contemporary. His singing style reminds me a bit of Jeffrey Lee Pierce, keening, ragged and passionate.


There are one or two tracks towards the end I’m unsure about but other than that it’s back-to-back brilliance for me. First album of hers I’ve really connected with but I’m loving this. Currently filing out with Rar Morris for my album of the month (so far)


Palm. Awesome


That new Ezra album is fantastic, sort of feels like the kind of album that prepells him to a new level in a lot of ways. Not as immediate as his others and more experimental yet plenty of attention grabbing melodies and hooks. Fantastic stuff


Im loving it but seems to eork as an album rather than a collection of songs as the middle stretch seems a lot more sketch-like rather than fleshed out songs. 1st track is song of the year for me so far, cant get it out of my head


First I’ve ever heard him (see mix-up with George Ezra from other thread). Found it pretty captivating, but wasn’t sure whether his voice and lyrics were great or a bit grating. Will definitely give it a few more listens.

Absolutely love the Horseflies record, and the first half of the Rae Morris one.


I personally love his voice and lyrics but understand why people wouldn’t gel with them. Maybe listening to Perpetual Motion People which is a lot more bombastic with his vocals will help them click a bit more :slight_smile:


Yeah, I agree with you. I think as an album it is absolutely his best but maybe doesn’t have the obvious standalone tracks that he has in the past (outside of Suck the Blood From My Wound).

Still, loving it and cannot wait to see him live.


IMHO one of the best currently touring acts. Cannot wait to seem him at EOTR AGAIN!


Yeah sorry the album is pretty great, some lovely production on it.


Many thanks for all who mentioned Hovvdy and Paper Dollhouse. Both exceptionally good albums. Still to check out Palm and GoGo Penguin, hoping for the level of quality to continue


Wow GoGo Penguin, wow! On first spin that is a ridiculously great album


Yeah, that Ezra song is essentially Badlands mashed together with Time To Pretend isn’t it! Still pretty good fun mind.


I actually think that MGMT album is a doozy, really fun.


I’ve been regularly spinning it, my favourite of the year so far for sure, has grown on me a fair bit too, I don’t love every moment but there’s some really strong stuff in there. I really liked bones, but i get what you mean despite it being the first full band release. I think this one hits a wider ball park, more range in tone from one track to another for sure.


Maybe I’m being stupid but God Lifts Up The Lowly also sounds very like I’m Coming Down by Primal Scream to me, I keep expecting Bobby Gillespie to come in. I’m enjoying the album though.


The first four songs on the Franz Ferdinand album are really great I think, as good as anything they’ve done.