New releases - 09/11/2018

Thought I’d kick this off this week. Big one for me is

Vera Sola - Shades: Vintage sounding gothic folk with heavy western feel. FFO Marissa Nadler, Angel Olsen, Cash, Cave etc. It’s really stunning, she recorded the whole thing herself (used to be a touring member of Elvis Perkins band)

J Mascis’ new one is also very good, some brilliant songwriting yet again. Now having my first listen to It Looks Sad. new album Sky Lake (another Tiny Engines release), so far enjoying it. Quite hazy alt indie with dream pop and emo leanings.

Vessel has a new one out, which I’m pretty excited about. I loved Punish, Honey. Not got much else on my list. I might eventually listen to the new Muse thing, but mostly out of curiosity.


Very excited to hear Nick Zammuto’s (one half of The Books) soundtrack to ‘We The Animals’ today. First bit of new music from him in a good long while and i’m pretty much a total sucker for anything he does.

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I saw Vera Sola last night here at LGW. So great - all the feels. Seeing her again in London next week. Everyone needs to listen to her album.


1921 - In My Veins

A Swedish duo who I came across supporting Loney Dear at the begining of the year. They’ve just released their debut album officially in the UK, which is lovely relaxed keyboardy-synthy stuff.

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Anyone gonna try the space rock stylings of MUSE today?

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Subplots have released their new album. It kinda reminds me of solo Thom Yorke.

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Shit week


Old Wounds have a new record out, so it’s time to crack open the black nail varnish

Mary Lattimore & Meg Baird have a collaborative record out today. I had a quick listen to a stream of it and it kind of breezed by me but the final track was gorgeous, so I’ll be revisting that.

Shit & Shine have a new one out I’ll probably give a listen to as well.

That’s about it. Quiet week. But I’m still catching up on the last few so that’s probably a blessing.


Just The Beatles box for me. The new mix isn’t as full-on as the Sgt Pepper one, but still some nice touches. Backing vocals and percussion a wee bit higher in the mix which is fine by me - They were always the best elements of this album.

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Hadn’t clocked when this was actually released! Absolutely adored the way that Meg’s delicate guitar lines weaved and intertwined with Mary’s softly plucked harp strings on Between Two Worlds which gradually makes way forward something heavier and more drone led. Lovely stuff! Thanks for the heads up CH!

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Ooooo new one from Objekt - expecting some techno wizardry


My pleasure :+1: They fit together so well - apparently they’ve done loads of one off collaborations in the past. I had no idea but I’m gonna hunt them all down if I can.

(Off topic but did you manage to get Idles tickets? It sold out in like 3 minutes so I missed out :slightly_frowning_face:)

Loving the new J Mascis - perfect soundtrack for early winter commute in the wind & rain this AM.


Oh definitely! Just on track two now and their vocals blend together perfectly. Was just reading how Meg contributed to Kurt Vile’s Smoke Ring For My Halo and hadn’t realised that they had both worked with him.

Oh balls re Idles tickets!! I totally forgot about them despite our previous conversation and a colleague mentioning about getting some yesterday evening also. Sorry to hear you missed out! Perhaps you / we might be able to come across some closer to the time? Not surprising that it’s sold out but still thought you wouldn’t have to buy them on the morning of their release…

I had no idea she was on Smoke Ring either! Maybe that’s why that’s the only Kurt Vile album I’ve ever really gotten on with…

It’s crazy how big Idles are getting. I knew they were popular but I logged on at 9:01 and they were already listed as ‘unavailable.’ We might be able to pick some up later but I’ve a feeling we’d have to pay through the nose to get them.

Muse and J Mascis for me

Just reading deeper and it seems like her main contribution was backing vocals on Baby’s Arm’s but that’s still a cool lil tidbit of musical info. Smoke Ring is probably my favourite by Kurt too. I find that it feels like his more intimate record but also a bridge between his more lo-fi earlier work and the more grandiose wig out odyssey’s that he puts out now. It was also the last KV album that Adam Granduciel worked on so maybe that’s the missing link for you on recent KV releases…?

Absolutely nuts, innit? I mean I suppose with Bristol, Cardiff is almost like a hometown show so that is another thing to factor into the speedy ticket sales. Dead pleased for them and their popularity though! Hopefully we can sort something out.

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Vessel as many times as physically possible