New releases - 09/11/2018


Vessel as many times as physically possible


Kreaturen Der Nacht, a compilation of early 80s German DIY/post-punk is out today. It’s been put together by JD Twitch, should be good.


That might be it. Though I don’t like The War on Drugs at all either :man_shrugging:

Ah well. I bought myself a Pigsx7 ticket instead to cheer myself up.


DBUK (Denver Broncos U.K.) have new one out on Glitterhouse. It’s a side project of people from Slim Cessna’s Auto Club so for fans of alt-country and gothic americana. It’s actually two albums - first 8 songs are old and were already released.


Where’s LGW?

I’ve got a ticket for her Shacklewell Arms gig next week. I might well go to her Rough Trade East gig too. The album is great. Currently on the second listen on earphones as I type this.


Aha again for my money the best WoD’s album (Slave Ambient) came out in the same year as Smoke Ring and shares a similar intimacy before they also went on to forge something more epic!

A Pigs (x7) ticket is an excellent way to rid yourself of those Idles ticket woes. Considering booking one for myself at some point (this surely won’t sell out until closer to the time I’d have thought…)


listened to 1.5 songs. both awful. still, i can only assume that matt bellamy is completely self aware and is having a great time making shitloads of money.


That was very brave of you! Well done for doing that so nobody else has to.

Yeah surely, SURELY he knows.


I wouldn’t be so sure about that - their show the night before in Birmingham has sold out already…


Nicholas Britell’s beautiful score for If Beale Street Could Talk is also out today and will be in heavy rotation for the foreseeable future.


Charles Bradley for me.


White album reissue for me. Nothing else I’ve seen grabs my fancy


Eeep! I’ll have a look at my finances. And I posted with such confidence too!!




Drug Church have a new one out and it’s great.


Thanks for the heads up!


That came out last week but it’s worth shouting about again tbf


i listened to the muse album. it’s better than i expected and i’ve disliked pretty much everything since Origin of Symmetry. it was a laugh


OHHMS - Exist

4x doom


Didn’t realise that was out this week. Cheers for the heads up :+1: