New releases - 09/11/2018


The new Maisha album came out on Friday on Brownswood, featuring Nubya Garcia on sax and flute.

Whenever I hear this piece, it just feels like everything is right with the world (despite it being anything but that).


Planning to finally see them live having missed at least 3 previous attempts …


New Vessel is amazing. I liked Punish, Honey, but this is something else.


Just bumping this to say I’ve now listened to the It Looks Sad record a lot this week and highly recommend to anyone who has enjoyed anything else that has come out on Tiny Engines this year. It’s really great

Also one I missed mentioning was Stephen Steinbrinks new one Utopia Released. Maybe not quite as strong as his last on first few listens but worth a spin for anyone who likes chilled, washed out indie, some Elliot Smith vibes


This is excellent. Listened to this loads this week.