New releases 10/11/17


Whatcha bumping this week, DiS?

I’ve started out with the new one from Call Super. Pretty impressive on first listen - oscillating between icy bleeps and warm synths. Then I’ll do my weekly trawl of


I’m most excited about the new Quicksand album - another band doing their first one in over 20 years, although it’s not like Walter Schreifels has ever really been that far away.

I think Sleigh Bells have a new one out too, although I struggle to care that much about them.

there’s that new Angel Olsen album too.


Enjoying the new singles from Kelly Lee Owens and Baltic Fleet (and really liking Django Django’s junglist remix of their own Tic Tac Toe that popped up on my Release Radar this morning)

Otherwise the only other things I’m aware of is an album by Spinning Coin and Japanese jazz act H Zettrio’s crazy new Christmas LP.


nice Four Tet remix of Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s I Will Make Room For You on mine at the mo.


Will be checking out the new Quicksand and Angel Olsen.

Oh and Exploded View have a new EP out. Their debut last year was top notch.


New Quicksand is great, sounds like a Quicksand record should so far.


Ta for the Exploded View tip, I really like that.


yeah EP is very good, trying to get my review finished up this morning


I think I missed that album. The ep is very enjoyable, so I’ll have to rectify that.


one of my favourites from last year, but went a bit under the radar despite being on Sacred Bones


Is no-one listening to the new Shed Seven then?


Rick Witter’s mum’s gushing about it on Twitter.


I’ll be honest, I’ve got it on now. It won’t be getting a second listen, but I will see it through to the end. Rick Witter’s mum needs to face facts, the Sheds are done!


Had a blast of the Angel Olson thing this morning. Was very nice. There’s also a Peter Matthew Bauer album out, which I’ll listen to this afternoon.


Tim Heidecker’s album full of songs about Donald Trump: Too Dumb for Suicide. Surprised at how enjoyable this was!


Oooh, didn’t know about the PMB. I’ll be queuing that up too. Yeah, the Angel Olsen is lovely, which is to be expected.


Power Animal - Good Wind Pt 1. Quite fond of their lofi indie electronica blend.


actually enjoyed the Sleigh Bell release more than i thought i would.


Really enjoying it.


Just bought, and am about to start listening to, Dillon - Kind. Her debut was pretty much perfect, and the second album was also pleasing, so am hoping this also pleases.