🦘 🆕 New Releases 10 Nov 23 🆕 🦞

Only just checking out last Friday’s releases due to being away at the weekend. Niecy Blues, Lau Nau and Marie Awadis are all fantastic.


The Lau Nau album is easily my favourite of the week, lovely!


brown cow


Full Bloom - Time Zones

Something a bit different for Munich label Ilian Tape, best known for modern and inventive techno, this is an “experimental sound collective traveling through polyrhythmic timezones and psychedelic soundscapes deeply rooted in the aesthetics of Jazz, Hip Hop, Afrobeat and Dub.”

Art Feynman - Be Good The Crazy Boys

Pretty good new wave art pop.

Got to this first now - really good, reminds me of Julianna Riolino.

Koma Saxo - Post Koma

Third album of avant-garde jazz from the group led by Swedish bassist Peter Eldh.

Sham - Machine Simple

Some nice and sunny indie folk from North Carolina. Avoids many of the pitfalls of the style (not twee, not too ramshackle).


The singer reminds me of The Magnetic Fields on the first track (which also starts with the first and same character, and would have been a more successful pick for Music League than my actual pick!).

Enjoying this album so far, thanks!

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I’m on my third listen straight of this and these days it’s pretty rare for me to listen to any album twice in a month so that’s something of a compliment. Love it.


Listened to this yesterday. I’d listened to their last two before, but this may be the one to make them click. It’s very good, always a fan of acts mixing electronics with jazz.

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