New releases 10th December 21

It’s getting to that time when releases are reallllly slowing…got anything to add?

Not had chance to listen yet but

Fleet Foxes Solstice versions of songs

And a San fermIn ep are on my list


Was just about to post! Here’s my few I’ll be listening to today.

Meitei - Kofu II
Experimental sample-enfused take on Japanese folk music. Nice and fresh sounding.

Jeff Parker - Forfolks
Guitarist from the Tortoise band. Quiet guitar-led instrumentals.

Maxwell Farrington - s/t
Lounge-chic laid back sounds, from an Australian chap based in France.

Odd Nosdam and Rayon - From Nowhere To North EP
Collaboration EP between Anticon founder/ex-cLOUDDEAD member Odd Nosdam, and The Notwist frontman under the name of Rayon.

Ryan Pollie - Stars
Formerly named as The Los Angeles Police Department, second solo album under his name. 70s style upbeat indie songs.

San Fermin - In This House EP
US collective, with guest artists on these tracks including Nico Muhly, Wye Oak, Wild Pink, The Districts, Thao, Sorcha Richardson.


Not expecting much but will give the new Big Boi album a go. I’m sure there will be a few bars to make me smile.

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Not a new release as such, but The Long Blondes have reissued their debut and chucked all the B-sides on a separate disc. Lovely wallop of nostalgia this morning

The Long Blondes - Someone To Drive You Home


Been looking foward to this Church Road release for quite a while. They’re heavy shoegaze from Italy.

Mondaze - Late Bloom


Excited to listen to the new album by Michael Hurley, the outsider folk hero. First album in 5 years and he just turned 80, what a guy. Have been falling deeply in love with his music over the last couple of years.


I’ve not listened to any of it yet, but there’s a new album from Neil Young & Crazy Horse.


Also the new one from Jeff Parker (Tortoise)

His last one was a favourite of 2020, and intl anthem are on an amazing run of quality releases right now.


Odd Nosdam & Jeff Parker is going on immediately after I post this and Meitei sounds up my street too.

Fernando Molinari - REACHING INSIDE - Prog / Jazz Fusion
Excellent Bass playing with spanish guitar and full pelt drums. A bit metal, a bit prog and a hearty dollop of jazz fusion.

Short looped sequences with effects and a cello as well as distorted french lyrics on top. It should be awful but I really like it.

Jlin - Embryo - Electro
Thumbing beats with lucious complex rhythems, never boring. One for anyone who likes Aphex Twin.

Gecko&Tokage Parade - Next Border - Jazz Funk
Playful and fun, this album goes all over the place yet remains effortless to listen to.


Jlin, Meitei and Jeff Parker are on my list too, but plenty of other stuff to be excited about:

Majid Soula - Chant Amazigh (Habibi Funk 17)

Hands down my favourite crate-digging label, his number 17 with an Algerian artist known for his synths, driving drums and repetitive guitar linesv blending Kabyle sounds, disco, highlife, groovy funk and political messages into a unique musical whole.

Bill Callaghan and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy - Blind Date Party

Album length gathering of the collaborative songs the two Bill’s Pyrford with a host of guests over the past year or two.

Big Boi & Sleepy Brown - The Big Sleepover

Much delayed collaborative rap album finally released. Doesn’t fill me with optimism that the release date w repeatedly pushed back but I’ll check it out regardless.

Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers - First Flight to Tokyo: The Lost 1961 Recordings

Long lost recordings of a concert by one of the greatest jazz drummers and groups of all time.

Moses Sumney - Live From Blacklachia

Lots of live albums out today - I thought his last album was great in parts and less so in others - keen to see how his tunes stand up live.

Nicholas Britell - Don’t Look Up!

Soundtrack to a new Netflix movie from the Succession composer, features Ariana Grande on the lead song.

Spell Songs - Spell Songs II: Let the Light In

Second album of nature inspired folk songs from a collective including Karinne Polwart and Kris Drever.


This is really nice for the season actually X


New Tierra Whack EP following after last weeks. Hope tihs one’s a bit better.

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Ah sorry @paulo13 just realised I doubled up on Jeff!

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in Kerrang news…

Green Day have a BBC Sessions album out

Hundredth have a live studio version of their album from last year out (poppy shoegazing US alt rock)

Four Year Strong have a deluxe version of their album from last year out, with a bunch of extra songs including a few acoustic versions, which they’re usually really good at, if that’s your thing. (chuggy pop punk)

Sherwood are back after almost 6 years with a new EP. (melodic emo)

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I’ve only got ROCK on my list for today. Chris Adams’ (Hood/Bracken) electronic-y collab with Malk.

Penelope Trappes - Penelope Three (Mothers Blood Edition)

All ten songs from ‘Penelope Three’ have been drastically transformed by Penelope into fragile liquid space, keeping the flowing blood and flesh of the original album, but removing the skeleton and muscle. Completely free of words, Penelope delivers her intimate message of the matriarchy though drone, noise, focus, time, and space - weaving a womb-like enveloping meditation.


Didn’t realise there was new Jlin - that’s very fun news for a Friday.

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Collab playlist emptied and ready for you all to fill!


I forgot to label it as an EP but still worth a mention I thought. I quite liked it on first listen, just maybe a tad too early for it.

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Yeah - started it but it’s almost impossible to work to so I’ll pick it up again later I think.