New releases 10th December 21

Aeon Station - Observatory

One of the two principal songwriters of The Wrens releasing his six Wrens songs for long delayed follow-up to revered cult status album, following ugly dispute with other songwriter and backed by the other members of the band.

This is an album I cannot wait to listen to and an album I wish never existed.


Bardo Pond. Shoegaze / Space Rock

BP have remastered their lost classic. It’s amazing how much they cleaned it up. Listen to the album than made Mogwai want to use a flute.


Really excited for this. And I’m hungover - it’s providing a perfect escape

They’ve cleaned it up??? What???


I know! It’s still noisy but it’s so crisp. I was very drunk listing to it last night, but it sounded great.

Will listen to it later so!

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Very good Friday morning listening

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New American Football 10 inch (i have such a love/hate relationship with that format!) featuring a cover of my favourite mazzy star track. delicious.


always up for more pond and never heard this, cheers. That’ll be one for when baked later.

AS @Kallgeese exclaimed though…cleaned up!!! DId they get Bob Rock in?

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I don’t smoke anymore but ‘Be A Fish’ must sound AMAZING stoned.

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It does :smiley:
I used Tantric Porno as the opening music for my student film. One of the greatest songs ever. :heart_eyes:

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I’ve not managed to move past Spell Songs 1 & 2 yet, stunning albums, absolutely love them both.

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Just put the new Oren Ambarchi album on and it sounds fucking :fire:

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Shay Hazan - Reclusive Rituals

The multi-talented Shay Hazan fuses rubbery North African Gnawa grooves, with haunting jazz horns and hip hop inflected beats on ‘Reclusive Rituals’. His first project for international groove artisans, Batov Records.

Ziemba - Unsubtle Magic

Unsubtle Magic , the new project from El Paso journalist and musician René Kladzyk, aka Ziemba, is an elegiac Christmas album about her father’s death in 2020. Kladzyk centers herself here, in the vacuum of holiday season grief, using piano ballads and dream-pop vocals to navigate through transmissions of what emotions endure after a tempest of loss.

Various Artists (Osare Editions 012) - Donne Che Corrono Coi Lupi

Sprawling compilation of female experimental artists including Cucina Povera and Lucrecia Dalt.


This is so good. It was a Bandcamp exclusive last week and has now made it to streaming. I like it much more than the original Penelope Three (which I liked anyway).

There’s an accompanying surreal gothic art film to accompany this album, with a free online screening event making the film available for 48 hours starting from 6pm today.

While I have registered for that, I don’t think I’ll be bidding for any of her NFTs


Jogging House - perhaps

Very pleasant ambient record that popped up in my Bandcamp stream this morning, all volume swells and tape hiss. Name your price as well.

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Lovely! This has a bit of a Disasterpeace vibe to it, which is A Okay with me.

Well, this sounds right up my street.


Nice for Nelsonville Festival to get a mention in the first song. Pretty sure he plays every year. It’s an awesome little fest.

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