New releases 10th May

I have these ones lined up:

Tim Hecker
Death & Vanilla
Holly. Herndon
USA Nails
AA Bondy

What else?

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These are all out today too:

Mac DeMarco
Daddy Long Legs
Dawn Landes
Efrim Manuel Menuck & Kevin Doria
The Mystery Lights

USA Nails
Employed to Serve

Sure I’m forgetting something else…

In addition to these I got these lined up for the weekend

Charly Bliss
The Get Up Kids
The Skints

Jamila Woods
Rosie Lowe

I’m keenest to listen to the Big Brave album, which I’d describe as heavy/slow/doom.


The first one i’ve listened to today is the new Charly Bliss record. Really great pop-punk, and quite grungey in places despite the glassy sheen and pop hooks. Opening track “Blown to Bits” is my favourite on first listen.

FFO Great Grandpa

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Already posted this in the rolling dance thread but a couple of new Kelly Lee Owens tracks out today and sounding predictably ace


Holly Herndon as above

She Keeps Bees - Kinship
FFO Sharon Van Etten i suppose. Indie Americana (ish)

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Oooo, nice, hadn’t spotted this! Still bloody love her debut.

Holly Herndon and Tim Hecker otherwise for me today.


Technically released yesterday but anyway new Kassel Jaeger is out. Already given it a couple of listens and think it’s great.

Not on Tidal so might not be on Spotify et al either but you can listen to the whole album on bandcamp without buying the download.

Didn’t know about a new Employed to Serve, thanks for that! Put it on now and it is too intense for still waking up body haha.

For me it’s -
Holly Herndon - electronic music made with baby AI, very excited!
Mac DeMarco - didn’t really love the last album, but will give the new one a go.
Charly Bliss - nice poppy rock to help the day.
Big Brave - going to check out based on the recommendation above.
Employed to Serve - Their last album is a great metal album, hoping this one is great too.

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Other than that Holly H and Tim H + whatever this thread throws up that peaks my interest.

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Cheers. I didn’t know Death & Vanilla have one out today.

Charly Bliss is probably my main one. I’m seeing them at Rough Trade East next Tuesday and might go to their Monday gig. I’ll give Jamila Woods a listen too.


Once I’m done listening to that 4 times then I’ll get onto the others. Excited about USA Nails and Tim Hecker, among others. Cracking day for new music.


First track is absolute fucking magic


Enjoying USA nails immensely. My last work contract was at the same place as one of the guitarists, which is a bit odd hey?

Busy day for me.

Rev Magnetic on Rock Action for some odd indie stuff.
Employed to Serve for some hardcore
Big Brave for some doomy metal (but not DOOM metal if you understand.)
The Kelly Lee Owens single is great

And Palehorse/Palerider have a new ep. Their first album was a post metal album that reminded me of a Storm in Heaven so I’m excited for this,

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It’s all about Big|Brave today. I’ve had it for a while as I interviewed them a few weeks back and it’s AOTY thus far for me by some stretch. I strongly recommend everyone checks this out regardless of your usual stance on heavy music. They’re all about tone and the ghosts that dance when a big fuzzy chord is played and left to fizzle and fade. And Robin Wattie is an incredible vocalist despite operating in a reasonably short range.

Tl;dr: listen to Big|Brave.


It is fucking fantastic.