New Releases 11/08/2017

Anything on the list to check out?

Listened to the S/T Jen Cloher LP on my commute in. Very nice slacker music, sounds like a more chilled out Courtney Barnett (she’s on the record)

happy new Cribs day

The new Heinali & Matt Finney album is a grand slice of anxious ambient/drone and bleak spoken word pieces. I did a review if anyone’s interested.

Really excited to hear the new milo (underground/backpacker hip hop) album as well. His last one was fantastic and the stuff I’ve heard from this already was really promising.

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Yet another GBV album today! Wasn’t keen on the one from earlier in the year, hope this one is decent.

Hopefully, the new Districts album will be as good as their last.

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Have listened to the first half and so far so good

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Districts, cribs and new oneothrix point never soundtrack all on my list today

Nothing much to report is there? I reckon I’ll give the Cool Ghouls release a go though. Maybe Guided By Voices.

I’ve never liked The Cribs so will give that a miss.

Downtown Boys - Cost of Living

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Really liking this Jen Cloher record so far. Good call :+1:

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Heard it through once. Sounds brilliant.

Slight change of direction to their previous. This one reminds me of Modest Mouse. Very good nonetheless.

Feeling a bit underwhelmed by new releases at the moment. Anything fun happening in the world of electronic music?

Really looking forward to hearing the Oneohtrix Point Never soundtrack to ‘Good Time’, out today. Only heard good things about it so far (Norman Records Album of the week)

Liking the new Clark track

And this Nathan Fake track ain’t too shabby either…

thought the one earlier this year was pretty decent compared to the last one, but a bit too long. just stuck this on so we’ll see how it goes.

Just listened to it twice, it’s really good :slight_smile:

Second this. I really love the Iggy Pop track:

Film looks decent too:

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haven’t listened to it yet, but Quietus’ review of the Arrows of Love album sounded interesting:

These weekly threads are great . I find something to look into most weeks. Sometimes they are very good ('68) and sometimes not so good ( Niomi Punk) but it’s good fun either way. Just taken a flyer on Arrows of Love and pledged for their album. So looking forward to that one.

Thanks for all the recommendations folks, there’s alot of good music that would have passed me by if not for these threads.