New Releases 11/09/20

Making my way through this and so far pretty much every song so far has been split 5050 between music I really hate and something that’s actually rather good. Almost turned it off a number of times, but each time it starts to blossom.

Definitely not “my kind of music” but am feeling very conflicted. Will definitely have to give it a few more goes.

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Marilyn Manson - Mixed bag, some of its really good… some of it is very by numbers or really underdeveloped. But some of the more epic and dare I say ‘shoegazier’ tracks are really nice

Flaming Lips - Solid, a bit Flaming Lips by numbers, but probably my fav by them for like 10 years.

Everything Everything = There are a couple tracks where they sound a tad too Radiohead that do nothing for me but the rest is really good

This trach is a choon

New Maximo Park single today

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Anyone mentioned Haiku Hands yet? Brilliant album.
For fans of Tune-Yards, The Go! Team and (sort of) The Avalanches.

Good morning everyone! It’s poll time

Bill Callahan, Lomelda and Watertank were the top picks last week. What records has everyone enjoyed this week?

  • Asaf Avidan - Anagnorisis
  • Delta Spirit - What Is There
  • Doves - The Universal WAnt
  • Elizabeth Cook - Aftermath (American/country)
  • Everything Everything - RE-ANIMATOR
  • exhalants - Atonement (FFO Unsane, Jesus Lizard)
  • Flaming Lips - American Head
  • Flora & Fauna - Nattmusik (experimental/classical)
  • Haiku Hands - Haiku Hands (FFO Tun-Yards, Go! Team, Avalanches)
  • Jockstrap - Beavercore
  • Jouska - Everything Is Good (Norwegian darkish synthy pop)
  • Karion; IRSE! - Polysomn (Finish krautrock/prog/shoegaze)
  • Le Couleur - Concorde (French-Canadian twee-ish indie pop)
  • Lo Tom - Lo Tom (LP2)
  • Lucrecia Dalt - No era sólida (experimental)
  • Luwten - Door (Dutch lady, nice voice and music)
  • Maarja Nuut & Ruum - World Inverted (electronic/violin haunting Baltic sort of sounds)
  • Mammal Hands - Captured Spirits (contemporary jazz FFO GoGo Penguin)
  • Mastodon - Medium Rarities
  • Merlin Nova - BOO!
  • Mink Freud - In Isolation
  • Morwinyon - Pristine (Atmospheric Black Metal)
  • Mute Braches - The Detective Is Dead
  • Paul Epworth - Voyager
  • PJ Harvey - To Bring You My Love - Demos
  • Polynation - Wildeburg / Coral (synthy, warm, dance)
  • Quakers - Supa K: Heavy Tremors
  • Resina - Vampire: The Masquerade - Shadows of New York Soundtrack
  • Richard Spaven, Sandunes - Spaven x Sandunes
  • Sally Anne Morgan - Thread (modern folk)
  • Sam Prekop - Comma (synths and drum machines)
  • Serengeti - The Gentle Fall (Chicago based rap)
  • Sidi Toure - Afrik Toun Mé (Stripped back Malian virtuosos)
  • Susanna - Baudelaire & Piano
  • Terje Rypdal - Conspiracy (jazz)
  • The Brothers Burn Mountain - The Dark Exchange
  • Uniform - Shame (Bleak industrial punk/metal)
  • William Tyler - New Vanitas
  • Yung Garfield - Bomboclaat

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Fucking hell, Mute Braches… sorry @manches

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Also Marilyn Manson and Oscar Lang votes in imaginary poll

Thought it was best to leave out MM because of this stuff:

(Sorry I missed Oscar Lang though)

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Ah fair enough then

That exhalants album is amazing!
All that lovely bass heavy noise rock and then the Slint-iness of the last song. :heart_eyes:

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I am absolutely loving the new Quakers album. It’s quite different from their 2012 debut which was more of a fully formed hip hop album. This is an instrumental beat tape but full of great samples and bass rumbles. I’ve had it on repeat while working and walking home. It looks as though Geoff Barrow is less involved this time but it’s still flippin marvelous.

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Just found out about this one. Hard to define the genre… Latin rock-electronica? Pretty interesting.