New releases - 11/11/2022

It’s technocally (you’ll soon see what I did there) tomorrow, the albums are here, let’s get going, with something new from legends of the sort of techno adjacent land, Plaid - Form Falorx

Or for a more modern twist on things, Gold Panda - The Work

I think there might just be other, less beaty stuff out, but without your help, how am I to know for sure?


I’ve downloaded 31 releases from today already. Who said November was a quiet month??


Very stoked for Plaid! Alas I will have to wait another 15 hours before I hear it (available 9pm here but I’ll be watching tv by then). I haven’t kept up with Gold Panda since Lucky Shiner, as its as just ok to me.

Actress - Dummy Corporation EP
More IDM, microhouse, outsider house, ambient house, minimal techno type stuff I presume.

The Cool Greenhouse - Sod’s Toastie
Second album from the sarcastic talk-singing post-punks.

Patrick Cowley - Malebox
It says November 12 but we’ll see if it pops up on Spotify sooner. Either way, same release week. Another archival release, this time a 6 track mini LP, from the late gay icon & producer of hi-NRG, minimal synth, space disco, synth funk, porn groove, progressive electronic, etc.


New from Ani Glass in support of the Welsh WC squad….

The superb La Zorra Zapata

Christine & the Queens


My top two most anticipated releases of this week:

Jazzy electronica infused with sounds from Hindustani classical music.

The follow up to the politically charged, award-winning More Arriving is an Indo-futurist manifesto - in rhythmic step with the past and the present, it sets out to describe a route forward. KALAK celebrates a rich South Asian culture of music and literature, which resonates with spirituality and community, while envisaging a better future from those building blocks.

Wau Wau Collectif’s second album, Mariage, is instilled with a newfound sense of purpose. Expanding upon the inspirational themes of their acclaimed 2021 debut, Yaral Sa Doom (Educate The Young), this long-distance collaboration from musicians in Senegal, led by Aurora Kane, and Sweden’s Karl Jonas Winqvist is an even more stylistically expansive affair. Joyful children’s songs collide with fuzzy guitar solos and thumping hip-hop beats. Shimmering synths lift off from the plunky percussion of the balafon and versatile sounds of the 22-string kora. Familiar voices from the first album return with more explicitly political lyrics, while the music feels both rhythmically dense and sonically weightless, flowing from one spellbinding moment to the next.


Two more I nearly forgot about:

New EP of intense post-rock mixed with Korean folk music.

Sequel to last year’s ‘Dost 1’ by the Anatolian rock quartet.


Phoxjaw - Notverynicecream

Their 2020 debut, Royal Swan, was a weird and wonderful mix of metal, post-hardcore, goth and… britpop?

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S.C.A.B. - S.C.A.B.

Don’t know anything about them, just liked the look of the art work.

Quote from their Bandcamp bio…
“Propulsive… lacerated by liquefied-metal post-punk guitars” - Stereogum

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Main one for me today is this…

Duval Timothy - Meeting With a Judas Tree

Latest from South London pianist - recorded in London and Sierra Leone. LOVED his last one Help from a couple of years ago…

Christina Vantzou - No 5

Christina Vantzou is a composer and multi-media artist who creates long, slow-moving ambient soundscapes that blend electronics and sampled elements with orchestral arrangements.


Bruce Springsteen - Only the Strong Survive


I thought this was postponed due to the allegations about the singer.
Will still check it out though.

Heather Trost - Desert Flowers
Fizzing melodic psych pop from half of A Hawk And A Hacksaw. FFO Melody’s Echo Chamber


MGMT - 11-11-11

Live album of new compositions they did for an art show in 2011

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Ls dunes, supergroup featuring members of mcr, circa survive, coheed and cambria and thursday. Sounding like youd expect


FaltyDL - A Nurse To My Patience

First album for several years & it’s nothing like what’s come before, he’s picked up a guitar & put out a very 80’s inspired & sounding album. Features include Julianna Barwick, Paul Banks & Joe Goddard.

Now for a slew of Hip-Hop/ Rap releases…

Nas - Kings Disease III

Nas over Hit Boy beats for a fourth consecutive release.

Homeboy Sandman - Still Champion

An upbeat album, which Homeboy attributes to being in a better place mentally.

AJ Suede - Darth Sueder 7: Rogues Gallery

Fourth release of the year for AJ Suede, this one entirely produced by himself.

Akai Solo - Spirit Roaming

Some nice production on this underground hip-hop release from Backwoodz Studioz the home of Armand Hammer, who appear for a feature.


Argentinian artist Chancha Via Circuito (aka Pedro Canale) fifth album of “cumbia-inspired electronic music that takes cues from environmental sounds and South American folkloric traditions”.
Some good guests on the album including the Meridian Brothers

Fenella - The Metallic Index
Experimental ambient. Second album from Jane Weaver’s experimental ensemble in collaboration with Peter Philipson and Raz Ullah. Loosely based on an account of the short-lived abilities of a young psychic nurse in 1920’s London, this is “a hallucinogenic excursion into ambient textures and hypnagogic drones”.

Ernest Hood - Back to the Woodlands
Previously unheard 70s album of zither, synths and field recordings by ambient pioneer. On the Freedom to Spend label which is on a superb run of reissues form this year with the Universal Liberation Orchestra one in January and Cheri Knight’s American Rituals in July.
“Written and recorded between 1972 and 1982 in Western Oregon, Back to the Woodlands is a previously unreleased, and nearly lost, album made by Ernest Hood during the same era as his near mythical album Neighborhoods (now considered a bit of an ambeint classic). A visionary combination of field recordings, zithers, and synthesizers, Back to the Woodlands offers an unprecedented depth of access to this singular artistic mind.”

Breanna Barbara - Nothin’ But Time
New York psychy bluesy pop. Of the pre-release songs, I really like the album closer, Weaning, which goes for it a bit more.

Helena Hauff - Living With Ladybirds EP
Techno. Latest on fabric Originals, this EP by German techno DJ Helena Hauff. “With ‘Living With Ladybirds’ Hauff lays down four EBM-infused tracks recorded in her method of using strictly analogue equipment. There’s the eccentric electro of ‘Jonas’, the travelling melody behind ‘Your Turn To Fly’, the stripped down pulsing techno of ‘Touching Plastic’ and the rich rolling acid techno of ‘Pinch’.”

Mister Strange - Nothing At All EP
Six tracks of fuzzy garage rock from Manchester.


Dunno, who did?

Someone in the October album thread. It’ll live with me forever.
There was also slander about December being a poor month… It’ll be hard to forgive that one too.

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Oh looks like you’re right, only previously released tracks are available. I wasn’t aware of any allegations. Will need to inform myself

This one sounds a mess.