New releases - 11/11/2022

My remaining ones:

Ernest Hood - Back To The Woodlands
A previously unreleased collection of songs, originally recorded back in the 1970s. He was originally a jazz guitarist in the 1940s, until polio let him in a wheelchair and unable to play the guitar. His first album proper, Neighborhoods, is in Pitchfork’s top 50 ambient albums. Field recordings and delicate synthesiser tracks. Nice and dreamy.

La Zorra Zapata - Acantilados
I can’t immediately see who picked this Peruvian artist for the DiS song contest, but you were quite a big fan, @Mert_Aksac. Very dreamy sounds.

Warhaus - Ha Ha Hearbreak
Solo album from the singer of Belgian band Balthazar.

Sirotkin (Сироткин) - Тень первого облака (First Cloud Shadow)
Russian melodic indie band. Found them from a short playlist by Mew singer last year.

Jordana - I’m Doing Well, Thanks For Asking EP
dreamy bedroom pop.

Lullatone - Shapes & Time
“music for reading books [or] watering houseplants”. Quiet acoustic guitar based instrumentals.

Nik Freitas - Tule Fog
Instrumental/vocal record with no lyrics, to soundtrack his photography book about skateboarding in California in the 90s. Sundrenched upbeat tunes.

Bulgarian Cartrader - Motor Songs
Upbeat Bulgarian via Berlin alt-pop maybe r&b sounds too.

Sin Fang - Vatnajökull
Apparently Vatnajökull is Iceland’s biggest ice cap. This is different from his normal alt-pop songs, and pretty much sounds like what a soundscapey album about Iceland’s biggest ice cap would sound like.


This is great. Might be the best thing he’s released so far.

This is also great.

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Really nice little hand habits ep with demos and live stuff.

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Getting a lot from this on first listen, lovely bittersweet gentle glitchy goodness

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The sorona pine - ll

Slint-ish chamber folk? Maybe? Ffo slint, low, slowcore.

This is a re-release of an album from 1997. I’d never heard of them before but this is good stuff

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Have a remix featured on this, which came out on Saturday. It was originally 3 ambient pieces (which are included) which have been remixed in various styles of those on the PVC label -

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Is this for this week or fridays releases, who cares its the smashing pumpkins


Some very bass heavy suggestions from me this week. I had a few others but thankfully they have already been mentioned…

Toumba - Rosefinch - EP - IDM
Reminds me of Amon Tobin’s Two Fingers output but with a Levant region edge to it all.

The Dark Jazz Project - The Dark Jazz Project - LP - Avant-garde Electro
Pounding tribal beats. I warn you this one starts loud with heavy bass and only gets LOUDER!

Kami-O - Veiled - LP - EDM
Bass heavy electro from Glasgow. Its a little bit hit and miss for my tastes, but still worth a listen.

Daniel Avery was last week’s favourite with Carla del Forno and RAP Ferreira in joint second.

What did you enjoy this week?

  • A Rocket in Dub - Ltd.
  • A7PHA - II
  • Actress - Dummy Corporation EP
  • AJ Suede - Darth Sueder 7: Rogues Gallery
  • Akai Solo - Spirit Roaming
  • Aloe Vera & Steel Tipped Dove - Days Pass Strange
  • Alpha Mound - Thermionic Congregation
  • Ane Brun – Nærmere
  • Ani Glass - Ennill Yn Barod
  • Ben LaMar Gay - Certain Reveries
  • Bill Frisell - Four
  • Bill Nace - Through a Room
  • Black Sea Dahu - Orbit EP
  • Breanna Barbara - Nothin’ But Time
  • Bruce Springsteen - Only the Strong Survive
  • Brueder Selke - Marienborn
  • Bulgarian Cartrader - Motor Songs
  • Christina Vantzou - No 5
  • Christine & the Queens - Redcar les adorables étoiles (prologue)
  • Colin Stetson - Chimæra I
  • Derya Yıldırım & Grup Şimşek - Dost 2
  • DJ Muggs x Jay Worthy - What They Hittin 4
  • Drowse - Wane Into It
  • Dumb - Pray 4 Tomorrow
  • Duval Timothy - Meeting With a Judas Tree
  • Emily Zoe - Hello Future Me EP
  • Ernest Hood - Back to the Woodlands
  • FaltyDL - A Nurse To My Patience
  • Fenella - The Metallic Index
  • FEWS - Massolit
  • Gold Panda - The Work
  • Grandaddy - It was a Silent Night at least until Jeff Lynne arrived
  • Hand Habits - Fun House: Blueprints
  • Heather Trost - Desert Flowers
  • Helena Hauff - Living With Ladybirds EP
  • Homeboy Sandman - Still Champion
  • Hyd - CLEARING
  • JAMBINAI - apparition
  • Jaws of Love. - Second Life
  • Jordana - I’m Doing Well, Thanks for Asking
  • Juliete Venegas - Tu Historia
  • Kami-O - Veiled
  • kinseyLloyd - whenigethomei’mgnasamplewhenigethome
  • L.S. Dunes - Past Lives
  • La Zorra Zapata - Acantilados
  • Loney Dear – Atlantis
  • Lujo Asiatico - After Ashram
  • Lullatone - Shapes & Time
  • Lycoriscoris - Sketches From A Memory
  • Macie Stewart - Mouth Full of Glass (2022)
  • MGMT - 11-11-11
  • Mister Strange - Nothing At All EP
  • Nana Lourdes - Wyoming
  • Nas - Kings Disease III
  • Nik Freitas - Tule Fog
  • Nils Landgren - 3 Generations
  • Orchid Mantis - How Long Will It Take
  • Patrick Cowley - Malebox
  • Patrick Wolf - Enter the Day
  • Phoxjaw - Notverynicecream
  • Plaid - Form Falorx
  • Raum - Daughter
  • Run The Jewels - RTJ CU4TRO
  • S.C.A.B. - S.C.A.B.
  • Sarah Mary Chadwick - Flipped It
  • Sarathy Korwar - KALAK
  • Sin Fang - Vatnajökull
  • Sirotkin (Сироткин) - Тень первого облака (First Cloud Shadow)
  • Smidley - Here Comes The Devil
  • Smut - How The Light Felt
  • Steffi - The Red Hunter
  • Surma - Alla
  • The Cool Greenhouse - Sod’s Toastie
  • The Dark Jazz Project - The Dark Jazz Project
  • The Offspring - Bells Will Be Ringing (Please Come Home For Christmas)
  • The Shapeshifters - Let Loose
  • The Smashing Pumpkins - ATUM - Act I
  • The sorona pine - ll
  • Thus Love - Memorial
  • Toumba - Rosefinch - EP
  • Venus Ex Machina - Doxa
  • Warhaus - Ha Ha Hearbreak
  • Wau Wau Collectif - Mariage
  • Wicca Phase Springs Eternal - Full Moon Mystery Garden
  • Wizkid - More Love, Less Ego
  • Xhosa Cole - Ibeji
  • Yosa Peit - Phyton (Expanded Edition)
  • Yuna - Y5

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Late entry

Milc & Televangel - Neutral Milc Hotel

Nice underground Hip-Hop album. The production’s handled by Televangel whose project with AJ Suede (who has 2 features on this) Metatron’s Cube from earlier this year was liked around these parts. Also features Deniro Farrar, Defcee, Zilla Rocca & Sleep Sinatra.

Much like the debut really enjoying this but I think it has a bit more edge over the first one. Similar to Dry Cleaning in that it’s nice to switch off to and immerse in the lyrics. Still reminds me of Misty’s Big Adventure but more heavily on the post-punk side.

The others I missed for this week…

Modern Stars - Space Trips For The Masses - LP - Psych
Italian kraut psych band that have a few light sprinkles of folk. Not a bad song on the whole thing.

Delivery - Forever Giving Handshakes - LP - Punk
Catchy angular guitar tracks. It starts really strong but I never managed to finish it in one sitting; still worth a listen.