New Releases 11/12/2020

Lot’s of stuff today, and it’s mid-December!

I’m starting with M. Ward Think of Spring, the tunesmith’s tribute to Billie Holiday. More softly strummed guitar and gentle singing, I would guess!

Then - post morning coffee - I will step it up with the electronic duo AvalanchesWe Will Always Love You with (and here’s a surprise :grin:) hundreds of living and sampled collaborators

Then back down again with indie pop’s Belle & Sebastian’s double live album What to Look For in Summer supposedly with “fun renditions of both familiar favorites and lesser-known selections”, which frankly sounds a bit off-putting, but we shall see.

And then back up a notch with GBV and Styles We Paid For for some raggedy indie rock:

And then one I don’t know but which sounds like it could be right up my street: Field Medic and Floral Prince, apparently a lo-fi folk artist. Admittedly, could be terrible. Let’s see!

Lots more, but I will it here and let the community take over! Enjoy your listening day, folks - the last before we (in the UK) crash out of Europe with “no-deal” …


Didn’t expect to see this pop up on Spotify!


Wow, the Belle & Seb album sounds fantastic.

New Khotin EP - expect ambient electronica

Hodge album, one of my aoty, has had the remix treatment

EP by Call Super & Parris - techno/electronica


No mention of the new Taylor swift album yet


James Blake with a covers EP

Boldy James making SAULT look slow with yet another 2020 album from the rapper behind some of the albums of the year.


Rosie Carney continues the Radiohead covers theme of 2020 with a cover of the whole The Bends album

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Helios (ambient)


A few more EPs of note:

Terrace Martin, R&B

Victoria Monet, festive string arrangements of tracks from her breakthrough EP earlier this year.

Avalon Emerson, house

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Lanterns on the Lake - The Realist EP. First track sounding very lovely.

Late Night Final - A Wonderful Hope. This is J Willgoose from Public Service Broadcasting. He says of this album, "We were working on the next Public Service Broadcasting album when the restrictions hit. All of our equipment was stuck in a different country and we were unable to meet up. I’ve always wanted to explore a more meditative sound, inspired by Brian Eno, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream and KLF’s seminal ‘Chill Out’ album. This felt like the perfect opportunity.”

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Been enjoying the Rosie Carney singles she’s put out, the version of Bullet Proof in particular. The album, Bare, from last year is really great.

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The 20th anniversary edition of White Pony is out today including the Black Stallion remix album which should be interesting (but possibly bad?).

Mostly about the hefty dark electronica and vocal of black wing for me today with his sophomore album. Loved the first one.


Looks like it was a couple of days ago, but new Laura Cannell and Kate Ellis EP sounds like iy should be good (folky violin, cello and organ)


this is absolutely joyous and brilliant - needed this today


Wouldn’t bother tbh.


New single from Crooked Timber out today - the really cool bit is the absolutely amazing remix from Steve Hadfield (of @Twinkletoes fame) on the b-side.




Been excited about this for a while having loved her previous albums (especially the one this is a continuation of). Listening to a bit this morning before I gets out of bed and I’m excited to hear the whole thing:

Spacey, lo-fi - somewhere between Flying Lotus, earlyish Julia Holter and Grouper


Lanterns On The Lake and Avalanches today for me. Started listening to Swift but seems like a noticeable step down from Folklore so might try again later.

Don’t be a chump. Folklore is obviously great, this one is not.

That description seems right up my street :+1:

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Big fan of the new Burial/Four Tet/Thom collab on first listen. Quite nice Friday morning vibes too.