🦖🆕 New Releases 11 August 23 🆕 🦞

What are we listening to today?

Bonnie Prince Billy - Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You

Predictably great folk Americana from the ever-consistent Will Oldham.

Hollie Cook - Happy Hour in Dub

West London reggae singer with dub version of her album from last year.

Spencer Zahn - Statues I

Had a great collaborative album recently with Dawn Richard - not familiar with his solo stuff but this seems a nice album of short solo piano pieces.

Helios - Espera

US ambient composer Keith Kenniff returns - first listen suggests this has more beats that usual for him - more downtempo electronica than ambient.

Laura Groves - Radio Red

Nostalgic FM radio pop. FFO Cocteau Twins, Kate Bush, Fleetwood Mac, Dean Hurley.


Laura Groves used to be Blue Roses! what a blast from the past



2nd Karol G album of the year


Son Lux - Alternate Forms
Very quiet week for me. Here’s an album of reworked songs from Sonn Lux’s Lanterns album, with Kishi Bashi, KAINA, Anna B Savage, D M Stith and others.


The Hives - The Death of Randy Fitzsimmons

The hives innit


Only halfway through the first listen but the no name album sounds really good.


Reissue/remaster of the Love Spirals Downwards Lp from 1998.

“Love Spirals Downwards combines their trademark ether-bliss guitars and heavenly female vocals with a breakbeat rhythmic foundation”

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New(?) Neil Young album.


Surprised that this one is on Spotify considering he removed everything else. I pre-ordered on bandcamp. Looking to diving in

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Albums from two of my favourite outsider artists today.

Paul Rooney - Surface Industries II

Experimental. Second of Liverpool artist’s two albums of “ambient skewed-pop albums focusing on service industries jobs”.

“The lyrics of Paul Rooney’s third solo album Surface Industries II, like it’s predecessor, are themed around service industry occupations, this time focusing on roles in retail, banking and hospitality, often using interviews with the workers themselves. The songs describe transient everyday customer interactions and repetitive drudgery, but also reveal creative moments of playfulness, mischief and vengeance. The music is voice led with a spoken word and choral focus, but it often collides real voices with synthesized, digitally processed mock/real chimes and beats that echo the laminated, wipe-clean, customer-captivating environments the songs emerge from”.

Connie Converse - Musicks

Singer-songwriter. Connie Converse was active in the 1950s in the developing Greenwich Village scene. She never got a recording contract and she didn’t release any music at that time. She quit music by the early 60s. She disappeared in 1974. There are very few recordings of her, most of what we have was released on the How Sad How Lovely compilation in 2009. To commemorate/celebrate her 99th birthday, this Musicks album is a two volume set of one-off tape reels that Connie made for her brother and sister-in-law, and includes some previously unreleased material.


New sample heavy album from Jungle


Pest Control - Enjoy The Show
New single from DiS’ favourite crossover thrash band.


The crossover no one knew they wanted…

BADBADNOTGOOD / Turnstile rework three tracks off of Glow On.



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Cursed Sleep came up on shuffle yesterday and I did think "I could go for another BPB album, had no idea this was coming

Anniversary edition of snow patrols final straw album out today. Interesting to hear the demo versions of some big tracks. More akin to their early stuff.

Looks like Run had a lot of work done to it before it became a huge hit


Busy day for me.

Rupture//Rapture - Disconnect

DiS’ melodic techno machine is back in action.

Copse - Old Belief | New Despair

Bristol based Blackgaze

Otik - Oxytoxin

Shiny house music

Production Unit Xero - Of Aethyr [HTX121]

IDM from Portland. Edit. This ep is drone / ambient.


Andrew Hung (Fuck Buttons)


this is cool


Din Of Celestial Birds newie out today. We played with them a little while back and they were very, very impressive. So much so I pre-ordered this as soon as I could.