New releases 12/02/2021

What you got?

I got nuthin’

Listened to the new Clap Your Hands Say Yeah album on the way into work today. Is pretty good.

Also have lined up…

Mush - Lines Redacted

Virginia Wing - Private LIFE

Lizzie Reid - Cubicle


Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Django Django

And a bit of good ole emo punking from Luca Brasi

there’s new a Django Django album and apparently Slowthai has one out

Other than that, I might give Teenage Wrist’s new album a go (post grungy shoegaze type stuff)

Listened to an album by a band called Claud earlier. Sounded ok but nothing special.

Also heard a bit of Mush. Didn’t like it.

Quite a few for/from me this week!

I got:

Bodies Of Water - Is This What It’s Like
I love this band, husband and wife duo mainly. Their last album was my favourite of whatever year that was. Not a million miles away from Arcade Fire, but generally better.

Lauren Auder - 5 Songs For The Dysphoric
Lovely deep voice and lucious strings is what they normally sound like.

Steady Holiday - Take The Corners Gently
Catchy lady indie pop with strings hopefully. Her debut album a few years ago was nice.

Nonconnah - Song For And About The Ghosts
Can’t remember what they sound like (as I’m just listening to Bodies Of Water now). They had a track with Owen Pallett last year that was quite nice. Just four tracks, but almost fifty minutes long.

And a few four track EPs. I’ll come back and post about them if they’re any good.


I quite like the songs I’ve already heard off of the Mush album, so hoping the album will be ok

Glassjaw’s Coloring Book ep is meant to be coming to streaming services after 10 years, but it doesn’t seem to be on Spotify yet.


Waiting for this new Mara Carlyle music to appear today - otherwise slim pickings for me.

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Virginia Wing and that’s it for me today.

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Ach me too - haven’t found it yet!

Couple of new tracks off Leon Vynehall’s new record out today


Christian Loffler - Parallels
Electronic/ Neo-classical meets traditional classical. It’s a lot better than that description sounds.


Mush and Django Django already mentioned

Posable Action Figures - a Scottish band who’ve had some ace singles over the past few years have an album out today.

Also Fritz and God is an Astronaut for me.


Lovely ambience from Andrew Tasselmeyer


There’s a new Jpegmafia EP out.


This is the first release on Phoebe B’s new Dead Oceans imprint isn’t it? Shall be giving it a listen as soon as I get my first Teams meeting out of the way…

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Took me a ridiculously long time to comprehend the thread title and realise it is actually February and also a Friday. Brain is gubbed.

Will be checking out django django but not sure what else.

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New LP from the prolific Chris Crack is top of my rap list today though will also check out Slowthai and JPEGMAFIA.

In Jazz, a live record from Robert Glaspers supergroup R+R Now, a gentle atmospheric and lyrical record from Jakob Bro’s guitar, trumpet drums trio and the concluding part of a trilogy exploring African-American musical history from jazz singer Dominique Fils-Aimé this time through a lens of soul music.