New Releases 12/10/18

What you got?

I’m struggling this week. Kurt Vile and the new Strange Ranger EP and that’s about it for me.

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Last week was a month’s worth of great releases in one day.

I’ve nothing this week so far.

KV is the big one for me. Also Colter Wall for some country grit and Connan Mockasin for some languid guitar slithers

Yowler (new album out today on double double whammy - meant to be noisey indie with reflective moments, double double whammy releases usually great though)

Young Jesus (saddle creek release their new album today, it’s a great slacker indie part improvised post rock mash up that in parts reminds me of rural alberta advantage)

Kurt vile and strange ranger for me too

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Enjoyed the singles, so I’ll have this on. Passed me by somehow

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Should be one from Disintegration State but our online distributor messed up (again…) - hoping we can plug it properly tomorrow for #cassettestoreday


Deryn Corff EP is nice. Some good old school slowcore

Kinda stopped liking music, but i’ll give the Kurt Vile record a whirl.

I’ll probably give Kurt Vile a go. Other than that, I’ve only got Basement for some chuggy melodic post harcode, if that’s even what they are?

Lone, Matthew Dear, Auntie Flo and will probably listen to John Grant but my love for him is waning.

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John Grant, Kurt Vile, Matthew Dear all on my list. Also Dodos and Jaakko Eino Kalevi to be added. Might give the new Elvis Costello a blast if I get time.

Pretty strong week for me.

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John Grant, Kurt Vile and Connan Mockasin - pretty strong week for me! (all have the potential to be pretty average though)

Matt Calvert’s album is out today. Early tracks sound brilliant. One third of Three Trapped Tigers.


This + Anna St. Louis for me.

John Grant, Kurt Vile, the St Vincent MassEducation piano album.

I will also try the Matt Calvert album and Strange Ranger ep, thanks for pointing them out :slight_smile:

Loving the Young Jesus album, great shout.

I will also be listening to the new Windhand album on Relapse. Predictably great heavy rock/doom. Great vocalist to boot.

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John Grant, Kurt Vile and I think the Yves Tumor album is out on CD today

Found the Basement record pretty dull/generic personally

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I’ve found that with most of their stuff but for some reason i keep listening and the songs sink in and I grow to enjoy them.