New Releases 12/10/18


I was about to post about a couple of albums, but started listening to an album by two Estonians called Maarja Nuut and Ruum and have just been astounded by it. (it was technically released last week, but shh)

Some kind of night time village Estonion folky violinny ethereally sounds with expansive electronic sounds. Just bought their vinyl and tickets to see them in December after one listen of the album:


How’s the Kurt Vile? It’s very very long and while I do like him I’m not sure I want 78 minutes of him occupying a precious album slot in my Spotify for the next month…


It’s very good and his best since Smoke Rings I think. Also it doesn’t feel long, just get caught up in the vibe


In would second this, although I’m a big fan of wakin… too. It’s just lush, immersive signature Vile in the best way. I’m actually relishing the longer tracks as the repetition of little patterns and groove is most of its charm


A little too long for me. Definitely could’ve used some trimming.


Exactly this ^! The harp work on the title track is goregoussss! More than happy to let Kurt just wig out and ramble on all he likes…


After 468 minutes worth of time spent with it so far; I honestly can’t recommend it enough especially if you’re already a fan of his!


Got Danny Brown and Saul Williams on this one - just to make extra sure I’ll like it! Touring England in Nov/Dec as well, woop woop!


This sounds right up my street. Plus, I’m booking flights to Estonia later today, so this will set that up nicely. :+1:


Ooh, excellent! I meant to tag @static in as well, as I’m sure he’d love it!


This Will Destroy You have today sneakily released Part 2 of the new album from two weeks ago.


Still intrigued as to why they’ve split it?


Here this Lights On Moscow EP is really nice.
Hazel Wilde from Lanterns on The Lake and Justin Lockey of Editors/Mastersystem.


This is pretty cool, thanks!


hmm seems to be only one track on Spotify so far


Aye release seems to have slipped. Meant to be 12th, store’s only got it in yesterday and now Spotify et Al saying 19th. Weird. V promising to.


The album he did before is very good also! Lots of rhythm to it.


Love the image on that album


Yeah I like that the label (newly formed) has a consistent style they are going for.
You absolutely must check out the Mastersystem album:


I don’t know how news of Mastersystem passed me by but I wasn’t expecting grunge Frightened Rabbit from that album title. What a spike in the heart…