New Releases 12/11/21

Early list for me as there’s a lot to get through! My list here is in alphabetical order only because I really don’t know where to start. Let us know what else you have and where you’re starting your day!

Aesop Rock x Blockhead - Garbology

First fully collaborative album between the underground rapper with the supposed largest vocabulary in hip-hop and his long-time beatmaker producer.

Alva Noto - Hybr:id I

Music commissioned for the score of ‘Oval’, the choreographic piece directed by Richard Siegal and performed by the Staatsballett Berlin at the Berlin State Opera in 2019. The process of creating HYbr:ID Vol. 1 was defined by the search for a form to bind astrophysics phenomena, fiction, and performance movements. Its narrative is inspired by cinematic visual techniques and static images portraying scientific events.

Batu - I Own Your Energy

Bass-heavy grooves, deep techno kinetics crafted for rave efficiency, with a dazzling sense of nuance, enriched by frisky and intoxicating sound design.

Blawan - Woke Up Right Handed

EP being billed as an evolution or at least a change in tone from the techno titan as he moves away from club-centred music and focuses on studio production.

Courtney Barnett - Things Take Time, Take Time

Lo-fi droll Australian indie pop.

Damon Albarn - The Nearer the Fountain, More Pure the Stream Flows

“Originally intended as an orchestral piece inspired by the landscapes of Iceland,” but the Blur frontman loves the sound of his own voice so much that “this last year has seen Albarn return to the music in lockdown and develop the work to 11 tracks which further explore themes of fragility, loss, emergence and rebirth. The result is a panoramic collection of songs with Albarn as storyteller”

Delmer Darion - Morning Pageants: Remixes

Joseph Shabason, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma and Anton from Squid are amongst the contributors of reworkings of tracks from last year’s fascinating industrial /IDM/folk /ancient record about the death of Satan.

Erika de Casier - The Sensational Remixes

Mura Masa and Eartheater amongst the contributors to this remix record of the Danish R&B star’s record from earlier this year.

Hoavi - Music For Six Rooms

Second release on the Balmat record label; Hoavi, aka Kirill Vasin, a Russian electronic musician, deepest dub techno, atmospheric ambient, liquid drum’n’bass

Idles - Crawler

Can the noisy, politicised post-punk group recover from the backlash against their third album Over Mono last year? Early reviews indicating that they may well do so. Kenny Beats on production for the full record is what has me interested (he had a hand on one song on over Mono).

Ill Considered - Liminal Space

First fully produced studio-album from the UK jazz group, featuring Theon Cross and Sarathy Korwar as guests.

Irreversible Entanglements - Open The Gate

Moor Mother-voiced ‘agit jazz’ - “ethereal shards of jagged onyx, a melancholic exploration of the post-colonial debris that surrounds us…the band stitches patient anthems out of atmosphere… pre- and post-apocalypse, as bass lurches in a tranced-out loop, horns are up in the track grooves like poltergeists playing in the streets, poetry cascades like a warrior call at a satsang, the drums both wild and refined pulse with uhuru-heart cadence…”

Jon Hopkins - Music for Psychedelic Therapy

On an LP timed to a ketamine high, Hoppers goes full on spiritual drug lord of electronica.

Jonny Greenwood - Spencer

Radiohead’s Jonny G’s score for the new Princess Die movie.

Logic1000 - In the Sweetness of You

Rising Australian star of the deep house scene with an EP with a more indoors focus than her recent out and out club bangers.

Malcolm Jiyane Tree-O - Umdali

Some really exciting South African jazz here - gospel-tinged anthemic melodies with big-band influenced bebop, this is music to feel alive to.

NOUS & Laraaji & Arji OceAnanda - Circle of Celebration

Members of Swans, Mercury Rev and Mùm are just a few of the vast and diverse cast contributing to this lengthy album of spiritual collaborative joyous music.

Portico Quartet - Monument

Recorded side-by-side with the ambient-minimalist Terrain released earlier this year, this is a more direct, danceable nu-jazz effort by all accounts.

Robin Guthrie - Pearl Diving

Yet more lush, layered guitar Instrumentals from the former Cocteau Twin

Rosie Low & Duval Timothy - Son

Collaboration borne of a shared love of choral music, using the voice as an instrument.

Silk Sonic - An Evening With Silk Sonic

Debut album for the R&B project of Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak.

Valentina Gontšarova - Recordings 1987-1991, Vol. 2

Second volume of recordings of a Ukrainian/Estonian artist making remarkable electroacoustic jazz influenced experimental music.

Xenia Xamanek - DELIRIO REAL

Danish/Honduran artist channeling the downtempo dancefloor dub of DJ Python; an unpredictable mix of synths, drum machines and guitar-led songwriting make for an enigmatic listen.


The Black Dog are the big one for me, today. Dusky, urban Ambient Techno FFO 90s Warp and Skam artists:


Jesus man, your fingers must be tired after putting that tour de force together!


bloody hell, what a start!


A banging greatest hits


You have successfully mentioned everything I was going to put :joy:

Lot of excellent stuff to get through tomorrow!


Claire Cronin - Bloodless

“For fans of: Flannery O’ Connor, Sharon Van Etten, and werewolves.”

The Dodos - Grizzly Peak


Endless Boogie have released their new one too

Sort of long drawn out ZZTop riffage. The name really suits them. Probably for people who like Wooden Shijps but without as much organ sounds.


Delmer Darion, Robin Guthrie, Claire Cronon, and Rosie Low & Duval Timothy are on my list already from above. Plus a few others mentioned that sound interesting! Popping up on my Spotify today are:

Krakow Loves Adana - Follow The Voice
Lovely warm synthy pop duo from Germany… They released one of my favourite albums from last year, so I’m looking forward to getting to know this one.

NOUS - Circle Of Celebration
Maybe I need @Octobadger to come up with a description for this. A big ensemble/collaboration of various artists. It sounds lovely and very intriguing.

Nnamdi and Lynyn - Are You Happy EP
Not quite sure how to describe Nnamdi - lots of different styles. Collaborating with a composer chap from Chicago. First song sounds great.

Dino Brandao - Bouncy Castle EP
First release (other than a collaboration album with Sophi Hunger last year) from this Swiss musician. Definitely for fans of Helado Negro.

DevIn Hoff - Voices From The Empty Moor (songs of Annie Briggs)
Some composer chap, has Sharon Van Etten, Julia Holter, Shannon Lay, and Jim White singing on some of the songs.

Harrison Whitford - Afraid Of Nothing
For fans of Wilco. Apparently he played guitar on Phone Bridge’s albums and the solo album for yer man from The National.

All The Luck In The World - How The Ash Felt
Irish trio. Melodic kinda indie, maybe like an Irish accented Radical Face

Oberhofer - Smothered
Lo-fi’ish bedroom indie pop?

Mabe Fratti and Concepción Huerta - Estática EP
Another release from experimental Guatemalan Mabe, collaborating with someone else this time.

Cayetano - Music For Performing Arts EP
Instrumental songs. First one sounds a bit like Hauschka. Sounds very nice.

Shuta Hasunuma - NHK Drama “Kireinokuni” Original Score
Japanese keyboard instrumental tunes. It looks like he also separately has his own philharmonic orchestra which he’s named after himself, so well done to him!


Debut EP from Burial Waves, emo type business from a new group of people, featuring Kyle from Pianos Become The Teeth, and members of Black Clouds, Caverns, and The Effects.


Courtney Barnett is a make or break one for me. I loved her early records so much but lately she seems to have lost that spark and become a little drab and generic.


Just wanted to write that I’m quite dissapointed after the first listen. Nothing really stood out for me.

Up and coming songwriter Taylor Swift has released the new version of Red, and it features superstar troubadour Phoebe Bridgers




Wowsers, it’s a big, big new release Friday. In addition to Courtney Barnett, Jon Hopkins and The Black Dog for me are these five:

Pip Blom - Welcome Break
Catchy indie pop from Amsterdam

Poppy Ackroyd - Pause
Beautiful solo piano works

Various Artists - The Eccentronic Research Council presents: Wayward Freaks From A Synthetic Street Volume 1
“Over the past few months ERC producers Dean Honer (all seeing I/I monster) & Adrian Flanagan (The Moonlandingz/ERC/Adult Entertainment) have invited a handful of new eccentric electronic pop artists to their analog lair in Sheffield to produce up some tracks for them - and to answer the question on every serious music fans lips - where have all the Pop art eccentrics gone?”

They Might Be Giants - BOOK
Silly clever alt rock

Sally Anne Morgan - Cups
Semi-improvised Appalachian folk drone. That description’s probably whittled the audience down.


Excited to hear this. Love her work. She’s incredible live too.


I absolutely loved her last album, thought it captured her grungy live shows pretty well. Bit apprehensive about this new one based on the singles though…

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Holly Humberstone has her second ep out. This time on a major label. Dreamy bedroom pop.


Will be giving this a listen (along with Guthrie and Idles)

Soundtrack by a couple of guys from the national and some guest appearances by feist

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