New Releases 12 Aug 22

Danger Mouse & Black Thought - Cheat Codes

Danger Mouse collaborates with The Roots lead Black Thought on new hip-hop album.

Panda Bear & Sonic Boom - Reset

Sample heavy tribute to 60s pop.

Various Artists - Afro Psych: Journeys into Psychedelic Africa 1972 - 1977

Some obscure funk and psyche records from 70s Africa.

Megan Thee Stallion - Traumazine

Surprise new album from superstar US rapper.

What else have we got?


Busy day today! Also have the new Sylvan Esso album (electronic pop duo)

And the new Closed Circuits album. Chris Page makes darkened electronic pop, with a wonderfully deep baritone. Someone described him as Leonard Cohen meets Coil, which was an instant hook for me. I can’t seem to get anyone else into his stuff, but it pushes all the right buttons for me.


Will be listening to Sylvan Esso, Kiwi Jr, and Panda Bear. Think I only have one more to add:

Elaine Howley - The Distance Between Heart And Mouth
Debut album from Cork-based musician. Apparently sounds like the “dubbed-out blues of Leslie Winer, the kaleidoscopic world of Trish Keenan & Broadcast, and the bruised lo-fi soul of Tirzah.”


Oo, never really listened to Panda Bear before, but it sounds like the kind of album a sunny day was made for. Wonderful, just gonna stick it on repeat all day.

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Black Thought & Dangermouse’s Cheat Codes is top of my list today, I’ll also be checking out…

Your Old Droog - Yodney Dangerfield

I’ve lost track of what number project of 2022 this is for YOD! - More underground Rap/Hip-Hop business.


Norma Jean!

Honestly approaching Deftones level of consistent excellence (apart from a bit of a dip in the middle) over the last 20+ years.

Heavy. And wonderful


Wasn’t too taken with the Kiwi Jr singles but sounding good this morning!

Locrain - new

Drone, noise, post metal.


Dawnwalker - R.I.P. (single)


There’s another new Alvvays single


New Hudson Mohawke album.


The long awaited return of Pijn. It’s glorious!



Really enjoying this new Kiwi Jr. maybe their best yet - writing seems to have a bit more character and sharpness to it this time round - always enjoyed their albums but this one immediately seems more memorable.

For fans of Pavement

These wilco live in the studio tracks are beautiful

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Kamikaze Palm Tree - Mint Chip

Art-pop. Lots of Cate Le Bon vibes on this latest Drag City release by the Californian duo often described as enigmatic. Yep this works for me.

S H I R A N - Fadaytak

Really liked her last album which reinterpreted traditional Yemeni songs. This one is more Arabic pop and electro with ouds and other traditional instruments going on.

Rich Ruth - I Survived, It’s Over

Kind of ambient meets psych meets Americana meets jazz. There was a pedal steel compilation last week that I really enjoyed. This album makes good use of the drone of pedal steel on this latest Third Man Records release, but then there’s flute and sax and electronics all going on too. I don’t quite know what to make of it but it’s drawing me in.


Was just about to post Kamikaze Palm Tree and the Cate Le Bon comparison. Like a scrappier version of her Crab Day sound

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Strategies, the new band with Chicago punk vets Paul Lask (The Ghost, Tight Phantomz), Neil Hennessy (Lawrence Arms, Joyce Manor) and Brian Moss (Great Apes, Hanalei, The Ghost), have shared the second song off their upcoming self-titled debut EP, and this one’s an emo-y slow-burner.

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I can’t believe no nobody’s mentioned it’s a new KASABIAN album day.

It’s a good job it’s sunny out there cos no ones going to have a roof left.


Not sure if this counts but it should do as it’s 45 minutes of me doing ambient/modern composition & spoken word

It premiered on @DissonanceRdPrstrs at the end of May but now you can d/l or stream on the Bandcamp too