New Releases 13/04/2018


Theres a new Bicep single/ep out.


Oh yeah, Møl - Jord is out today. All you Deafheaven/blackgaze types need to get on that. It’s really quite good. Holy Roar are on one this year.


Oh and Sarah Davachi has a new one out as well drone fans. Not a bad release day all in all.


Looking forward to the new Manics record reaching me, although it will probably be tomorrow. I’ve purposely avoided the singles as much as possible, to get the ‘full album experience, man…’
I saw a guy called Issac Gracie last night, and he mentioned his new album out a listen today - so gonna give that a listen if it’s on Spotify.


Halfway through the new manics and unfortunately so far it is naaaaat good. Although International Blue remains a solid pop banger IMO


War on Women.

Really liked the first album and this one seems like it might be a bit of a breakthrough going by the hype.




A Place to Bury Strangers – Pinned

Well, I’ve already listened to it and won’t get a chance to listen today, but it’s out today and fucking excellent.


This is very good, didn’t realise was out yet, good call.


turned the Nov album off after 2 tracks. I’ll go back to it at some point but… yeah.


Don’t forget the new Christian fitness came out earlier this week.


Just seen there’s a new Mouse on Mars LP out, so I’ll probably pick that up.

the duo are joined by Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), Aaron & Bryce Dessner (The National), Zach Condon (Beirut) & many more

Imagine Mouse on Mars and Bon Iver coming on stage etc…

That Mouse on Mars + Mark E Smith stuff they did together as Von Sudenfed was cracking. They choose their collaborators well.


A Hawk And A Hacksaw - Forest Bathing.


Rival Consoles and Jeffrey Lewis for me.

Also going to lend an ear to Josh Rouse (folk-pop) and Simone Felice (The Felice Brothers, The Duke & The King) - I don’t particularly like anything he’s done since the first D&TK album, but it could be worth a shot.

Anyone want to shout if the Laura Veirs or Josh T Pearson albums are any good?


I’ve given the Josh T Pearson a few plays this morning. A lot more straightforward than you usually get from him, but I’ve been enjoying it.


ah, shit…gonna give it a spin this afternoon. I liked No Weapons but if it’s like that all the way through, I can see it getting monotonous.


Don’t know it it was released today but enjoying chilling to the latest josh rouse album


I was hyped for this because I loved him back when he first appeared. The repetitive bars kill it for me though. I don’t know why but it’s hype when Wiley does it and monotonous as fuck when Nov does it. Probably something to do with the production.

Going in on Mr Fingers- Cerebral Hemispheres at the moment but there’s a whopping 1hr40 to listen to. So far it’s reeeeeeeally smooth jazzy/soulful house music and I’m having a great time with it. Those who enjoyed the A.A.L album, this would be a good companion for when you want something a bit more downtempo/relaxing. I can see it getting a lot of spins from me in the (hopefully) hot summer days/nights ahead.

The new Fiddlehead album Springtime and Blind is also v v nice. A quick 24 minutes recommended for anyone who likes Quicksand/early Title Fight/stuff that Run For Cover is putting out. Pat Flynn of Have Heart fame is involved, if that means anything to you.


John Prine for me lads.


Hmm, feel a bit meh about this on first listen.

This is out and I enjoy it a lot