New Releases 13/04/2018


Indeed, it jigs along very pleasantly I must say. You’ve come up with the goods once again @rich-t. Ta, muchly. This thread once again doings its thang - my usual online sources for new music had been somewhat disappointing this week.


Gonna do the Nottingham one


I’m liking the new Kate Mo$$ ep


His last album (Manhattan, from 2015) is a blast. Would definitely recommend that.


just had this on, it’s pretty good


Forgot about this, I liked a few of the singles, is the album any good?


…and it is insanely good.


Can’t go wrong with A Hawk And A Hacksaw mate :slight_smile:


True, around Cervantine I was getting less interested (though I did see them in Auntie Annies round then) but they’ve regained my interest with the last one and this one. Think they were getting more and more Eastern sounding for a while but they’ve toned that down again since


Aye the Auntie annies gig was great.Last time I saw them was at Jeff Mangums atp when they did a live soundtrack (formed the basis of the last LP). They wanted to play Belfast on that tour but no one would book them for a Monday night! Times like that make me wish I was a booker/promoter.


New Space Invadas record. Steve Spacek HYPE!

This is perfect for this week’s weather.