New releases 13/10

Some mega stuff out tomorrow…

New Beck, St Vincent, Billy Corgan, and that Courtney Barnett/Kurt Vile LP

Naice. What u look forward to?

Billy Corgan is the main one for me, and I’ll give Andrew Savage’s (Parquet Courts) solo album and the Kurt Vile / Courtney Barnett one a shot. Haven’t heard anything off of the latter two yet.

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I’ll be listening to exactly those four. What a week! KV/CB is gonna rule

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Funny that both Beck and St Vincent’s last albums came out on the same day back in 2014 too. Didn’t really like the self titled St Vincent but this has been getting mega praise

Looks like mega is my word of the day

13/10? Must be bloody good albums! Weeeey!


Flat Worms!

St Vincent main one for me. Great reviews across the board appears. Deliberately only listened to New York out of the singles so looking forward to delving into it fresh tmrw morning.
Pop Beck is the best Beck even if he has gone a bit mainstream on Colors so will give that the once over as well


Had no idea there was new Corgan out tomorrow cheers for the heads up! Kc/cb the big one for me and not really ever listened to st Vincent but really like the single i heard so will give it a go. Oooh and just remembered new The rural alberta advantage!

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St Vincent is the one for me, get familiar with the songs ahead of seeing her next Tuesday.

I’m also looking forward to the new King Krule - his track on the recent Mount Kimbie was proper class and a reminder of how good he could be.

will listen to the new rural alberta advantage, but not expecting much

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But the drummer is so good!

Been listening to St. Vincent today. It’s brillsville.

New Beck is blech.*

*well, it’s okay. fun, but inoffensive and fairly unmemorable.

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New King Krule and John Maus out officially tomorrow, they leaked ages ago though. People have been saying mixed things about both but i’ll probably love them no matter what!

Kinda spoilt for choice tomorrow, aren’t we?

One record that hasn’t already been mentioned is Dan Deacon’s new score. Anyone else excited for this?


St Vincent and Kurt n Courtney based on the reviews, for me.

Beck getting mixed reviews on the ol’ Metacritic, so might wait to see what other people say about it.

Along with others mentioned, I just realised there is a new Stars album - will check it out

Haven’t really liked much after their first few, but will still give it a listen

@allisfulloflove they’re good albums Allisfulloflove


This is good, but you really should have misspelled his name.(nonetheless, I’m off to twitter to check some doggos, so good job).


Sean Nicholas Savage

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Well 5 tracks into The Ooz, and I have to say I am liking what I hear … have to take a break shortly, so the other 14 tracks will have to wait. Looking forward to getting back to it. Can’t say any of Archy Marshall’s previous output had really grabbed me, but this has. Initially at least.

Then I will head off into some of the LPs mentioned above, but not holding out any great hopes. Perhaps I will be pleasantly surprised, having managed my own expectations; or perhaps not.

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