New Releases 13/11/2020

Morning DISers. So, another week, another Friday. What are folks itching to hear today?

For me, it starts (right now) with Lambchop’s LP of cover songs, Trip:

We all know Lambchop of Nixon fame right? According to Spotify an “unclassifiable hybrid of country, soul, jazz, and avant-garde”. Who am I to argue with that description?

And then I will maybe head over to check out Marika Hackman’s new one, Covers. Seems like cover albums are de rigueur in lockdown times. Marika covers songs from the likes of Radiohead, Grimes and Elliot Smith. Should be interesting.

As for description, there’s this, from Bandcamp: “this collection of songs is more akin in tone and feel to her debut We Slept At Last, with a darker and more introspective sound. On Covers, we hear Marika’s emotive voice set against sparse arrangements of guitars and strings with the occasional synth or scattered drum groove.”

Looking forward to that.

Then, for some, there’ll be William Basinski, with Lamentations. Never really clicked for me, but will certainly give this a go later this morning.

In Lamentations, "the ambient composer goes back to raiding his decades-deep personal archives for vintage tape to revive with new perspective and fresh feeling (thanksP/fork).

So, definitely NOT a covers album, then. Disappointing …

What’ll got to share with the community, then?


Jesu- Terminus
Mitochondrial Sun- Sju Pulsarer (electronic, classical, ambient)!

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Brian Eno has a collection of his work from film and TV out today too



New Jesu and new Aesop Rock on the same day. That’s better than Christmas for me.

Throw in some Lambchop and William Basinski and that’s almost too much tbh.


Ya man Tom Vek released an album yesterday, I like it


Told Slant


I’ll be checking out Katy J Pearson’s album, Return, for some country-folky-pop.


Yeah, waiting for this to arrive today. ‘Take back the Radio’ is one of my tunes of the year.

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American primitive guitarist Gwenifer Raymond has a new one out today - FFO Jack Rose, John Fahey, James Blackshaw etc.


Will be checking out Lambchop and Katy J Pearson.

Henning Fuchs
German composer chap. Really loved an album of his from a year or to ago. Probably lots of nice strings and sounds.

Seems like a nice catchy electro-poppy album so far. Has Emmy The Great on one of the songs.

Ana Roxanne
Just going to steal the description of her as “electric meditation, dream LLP,and ambient songcraft”

Rebekka Karijord
Norwegian lady, soundtrack to a Greta Thurnberg documentary film.

Brian Batz
Ooh, almost forgot about this one as it was released yesterday. Solo instrumental album from the Sleep Party People chap. Sounded quite nice yesterday.


The last third of that William Basinski album is absolutely sublime.

Faten Kanaan - A Mythology of Circles

“strangely haunting yet beautiful bouquet of nocturnal, electronic blooms ranging from poignant ambient vignettes to chamber-like pop” - Boomkat

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Sounds like my kind of description, will check it out, thanks!

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Time for some Christmas Music? Big Chilly style?


will be listening to Lambchop one a lot as they are the greatest band of the 21st century

also Basinski yeah, and there’s a new Jam City record

I’ve also been looking forward to the TSHA EP, Flowers, on Ninja Tune. Really loved the lead single, Sister, which is the sort of hazy, blissy dance music I’m an absolute sucker for.


Some thoughts from my listening this morning on my drive in…

Marika Hackman bold of her to buck convention and do a Radiohead cover that isn’t ‘Weird Fishes/Arpeggi’!

Mitochondrial Sun What the heck is going on here? Was expecting ambient techno in a kind of Forest Swords style but it’s instrumental black metal with furious double-kick drumming throughout. I’m not complaining, it’s not bad instrumental black metal but that was not what I was expecting at all!

Looking forward to the second Quakers album - hip hop project of Portishead’s Geoff Barrow with loads of guest MCs. The first one was a blast.


Tunng, The Bats, Stats,Ben Chatwin,Lambchop,Chilly Gonzalez and Katy J Pearson today - I’d better get moving!