New Releases 13/11/2020

New Karkara album Nowhere Land for me today.

French, Middle-Eastern psych.


Welsh actually, though granted the music does sound pretty American.

Gonna give Big Bad Bas a go

Massively looking forward to sticking the new Pa Salieu on. Betty is such a TUNE. Gonna be big.

Otherwise Ana Roxanne is big for me, her debut Ep was very, very special.

And quite keen on the sound of this Amaarae album. Nice write up in P4K made me interested.


It’s new AC/DC day. Shame on all you indie wimps.

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Yes, I realised that “American Primitive” should have been in inverted commas - I.e. it’s the music style - but was too late to edit.

All about the Katy J album for me today but will also check out Lambchop, Marika Hackman and Aesop Rock. That Mitochondrial Whatnot thing sounds interesting and yeah, might get around to the AC/DC album

and The Chats have a new single out called AC/DC CD!


Listening to the new Big Billy Basinski, which is intriguing me - being an album with shorter tracks rather than one big fook off 40 minuter

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Only got the new Camila Fuchs on my list for today. Sort of darkish experimental pop, I guess? Singer sounds like a cross between Karin Dreijer and Björk.


Well you should have started them last week when they came out

:grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


Basinski, Pa Salieu, Aesop Rock, Hack Man, Lambchop Ana Roxane, Gwenifer Raymond and Camila Fuchs from the above shouts.

Following on are:

The Nels Cline Singers - Share The Wealth - Wilco guitarist with deceptively titled instrumental release on Bue Note:

Fatima Yamaha - Spontaneous Order - synth-led house from the Dutch chap responsible for the phenomenon What’s A Girl To Do. Can’t imagine he’s going to hit on anything quite as impactful as that but worth a spin in case.

Molchat Doma - Monument - If you love dark 80s synth-pop, but found it was never Belarusian enough for you, here is the album you’ve been waiting for.

Heathered Pearls - Cast - Moody, textured ambient, rhythmic and some spoken word pieces from an artist/producer born in Poland and raised in Michigan. Reckon Actress fans will get something out of this.

Gabriel Olafs - Absent Minded Reworks - Minimalist Icelandic compositions being remixed, replayed and reimagined. Good solid wintery modern classical.


Just going by my Spotify Radar - your beef is with it for not telling me last week!

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i fall out with mine a lot too

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Alex banks for synthy electronica with a lot of bass.

That seems to be it for me this week.

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Haim have a new track out. They seem to have also jumped aboard the AC/DC train and it’s a full on 80’s power metal track. Honestly it sounds like Vixen or Heart when they rock out.

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Jordan Rakei has an electronic album out today under his Dan Kye moniker. Jazz / funk influenced techno (as you would expect from anything released on Rhythm Section). A few discreet vocals. Really enjoyed the singles so looking forward to digging in.


Only Aesop Rock and Jesu on my list just now. Aesop sounding excellent on first listen.

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The Wytches newn is finally out after a bit of a rona delay. Crunchy, angsty rock but in a fun way, hits my eternal teenager buttons


New one from LA noisemongers LAMPS on In The Red records. Produced by Ty Segall, FFO of Oh Sees, FOTL, Hot Snakes.