New Releases 13/11/2020

John Bence - Love

Elegant piano album in a contemparory classical/new music vein.


New Tomberlin EP today for fans of Indie Folk.

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This is a gorgeous album (four tracks in!) and a total new one for me.

ohh i’ve been trying to remember these guys for ages! Had the last album cover in my head and an idea of what they sounded like, but absolutely no idea how to search for them


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Pink Siifu & Fly Anakin - FlySiifu , really great chilled out hip hop, jazz rap vibes, madlib beat on one track.

Cry Club - God I’m Such A Mess. Aussie pop, New Wave “bubblegum punk” ala The Start, recent Paramore

SCALP - DOMESTIC EXTREMITY very aggressive hardcore/metalcore ala Gulch

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Where are you finding Jesu? It’s my big release for today but doesn’t seem to be on Bandcamp or Spotify

Chavez’s first album has been remastered and had some bonus tracks added. Definitely one of the most truly underrated of the 90s indie bands, in the same vein as Jawbox - less fuzz and more punch


slight jag but my pals Annie & Chris (from Catholic Action) released their new EP as Slow Weather today

FFO of Chris Cohen, Andy Shauf

New one for me too! Only found out about them earlier this week with the review for this on Loud & Quiet! It’s a wonderful woozy listen, isn’t it?

Yeah, it’s pretty damn good

That description of Lambchop sounds horrible, but fortunately the album is not. Rather lovely, as to be expected.

Will be checking out the others you mention. I also enjoyed my first go at Katy J Pearson’s album.

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Jesu sounding real nice

Absolutely loving this Karkara album, never heard of them before!

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Only just started Henning Fuchs but it is so, so good. Really beautiful.

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Didn’t think much of basinski

Yeah it’s showing now… :grimacing:


Physical release of Ben Chatwin’s The Hum out today (came out digitally last week). I’ve had a bit of time with it and it’s good, a bit harsher and more granular sounding than Staccato/Drone Signals.

Here’s a Bandcamp link for anyone that missed it last week:

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Nice didn’t know about this

one of my most anticipated of 2020 - Intervals - Circadian - silly instrumental progressive metal, super good fun, guaranteed to put you in a good mood

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