New releases 13/12/19

Petrels just dropped this…

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This too from Oneohtrix point never…

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Gonna give Stormzy a go once I can pull myself out of this misery slump

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Hope you’re ok or do you mean because of the result? I work in the NHS and we’re at breaking point. I was hoping the torys would lose!

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Yeah, this basically. All ok otherwise thank you :slight_smile:


New Duster album for me. Gave it a spin earlier and it sounded decent. Otherwise mostly listening to house mixes on Soundcloud very loudly to try and distract myself.

Was excited about that but so disappointed he left off Sounds of the Skeng.

Eddy Current Suppression Ring.

First LP for 20 years isn’t it? I like Duster without really knowing anything about them, wasn’t sure whether to bother or not.

Daniel Knox has a mini-LP out today, going to give it a spin. Love all his stuff except for his last album (Chasecene) which I just didn’t connect with for some reason.

New chromatics EP

Going to give the new Kaytranada album a go


Hot chip remix Album!

Stefano Guzzetti- Fleurs (A Collection)
BT Gate X-138- Magadon Pylons
Howard Shore- Songs of Names Soundtrack
Jer Kurtzel- Seberg Soundtrack
ASC- Realm of the Void
Emancipator- Baralku Tour Live
Matt Jencik- Dream Character
Hurt Valley- Glacial Place

Came out last week but David Thomas Broughton’s incredible “complete guide to insufficienty” got a first vinyl pressing. Received mine today. (Just in case anyone is interested, lovely album)