New releases 13/7


What’s everyone got lined up?

Two heavy ones for me -

Deafheaven - Ordinary Corrupt Human Love, sounds good so far and they seem to have mellowed a little. It’s been discussed a lot on the board already so not much I can add there.

I’ve also queued up Birds In A Row - We Already Lost The World, raging, abrasive French hardcore. Haven’t listened to this yet but when I saw them a few years back they reminded me of bands like Kaospilot, Amanda Woodward, Aussitot Mort. Will update once I’ve listened to this!


Gonna give Deafheaven a listen, natch.

Then there’s a new one by minimal techno wizard Donato Dozzy which I’ll dive into once my in-laws are awake and I can blast the bass.


Deafheaven and Dirty Projectors


New (or new to me) albums from Anna Meredith, Enrico Pieranunzi, Lime Crush and Pariah today I think.


Gonna be listening to the best black metal band in the world today


Deafheaven have never quite clicked with me (probably something to do with them not even being proper black metal) but I’m gonna give the new one a go.

The Marlowe album (L’Orange & Solemn Brigham) sounds ace from what I’ve heard of it - weird jazzy indie hip hop kinda thing. Looking forward to giving the whole thing a spin.

A few ambient/droney things out on Shimmering Moods today look interesting (Lee Yi & Olan Mill in particular) as well.


Anna Meredith is out 17th August I think?


Gonna be spinning the new Dirty Projectors but Lamp Lit Prose is a really terrible title for a record.


Think that Eighth Grade OST of hers is out today.


3 new ambient releases on Shimmering Moods as well apparently. Really good label so will be listening to all of those.


Ah OK - the film doesn’t even have a UK release date yet :frowning:


Always the case isn’t it with those tiny indie films, it’ll make it over here and play in 2 small cinemas in London for 2 days :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh snap


Nothing really to add but there’s a new Body/Head (Kim Gordon) album out. No idea if it’s any good but her popping up on that recent Malkmus record made me realise how much I’ve missed her.

The summer is always pretty quiet I guess. Time to dive into stuff I’ve missed I guess?


Really like their CD designs as well - kinda wish I’d collected them all


Yeah, those picture frame-esque designs and bespoke envelopes are very cool. I haven’t heard half the stuff they’ve released yet - gonna have to have a deep dive at some point.


Just been listening to the Eslandtika release from today’s batch. It’s dead good. Paging @McGarnagle as it’s “a collection of improvisations recorded entirely on micro-cassettes.”


This is relevant to my interests.




There’s a new Cowboy Junkies album out today. Going to give that a listen later on.