New releases 13/7


Primo - Amici


Sean Henry - Fink

Out on Doubledoublewhammy, and most stuff they release is great.


Dirty Projectors - Lamp Lit Prose is a delight. I ended up really liking the s/t so enjoy the meshing of some of that sound with the old stuff. Also nice to hear a previously sad and bitter man sounding happy and in love.

Just checking out The Babe Rainbow - Double Rainbow now, hippy people who are friendly with King Gizzard. Sounding real nice but just to warn, does include psych sitar, some of you squares might not be able to handle it


Colour me interested


Wilder Maker - Zion line up for tomorrow too


cool new compilation of rad Irish bands out today!

includes our own @skellywager


Pool Kids - Music to Practice Safe Sex To


New Babe Rainbow is great!


Will check out Deafhaven, though I am not keen on screaming vocals…the music around them always works for me.

The first Anna Meredith album just left me cold. I tried to get into it, but there was just something that didn’t click.


Sun June - Years

Female Americana. Quietly becoming my aoty


Oooh, only just realised there’s a new Birds in Row record. Nice!


Some good albums out this week.




what y’all think about chance’s new song “i might need security” ?


Somehow I totally managed to miss that the new Ophelias album came out! Couldn’t see it mentioned anywhere so thought I’d bump this thread. Pretty jangly and bright but with more melancholic undertones too. And great use of strings to add some extra textures to it all.

FAO @rich-t esecailly I think