New Releases 13 Jan 23

New Billie Nomates


Remasters are allowed, right?

ballboy - club anthems 2001 (anniversary edition)

For the first time on vinyl… ballboy’s seminal debut album, a collection of their first three EPs, has been remastered and pressed on 2 x LPs for its 21st anniversary, packaged together with tracks from the follow up EP, All The Records On The Radio Are Shite (2002).

ballboy are a cult indie-pop band from Edinburgh whose warm, whimsical and savagely witty speak-sung songs about bored sex, DIY drugs, civic shame and polar bears helped to define a generation of fiercely independent Scottish music around the turn of the millennium.


Just one so far…

Labrador - Hold The Door For Strangers - LP - Alt- Americana
Some warm comfy soulful americana with lots of alt rock moments. FFO Frank Black & the Catholics and The Frames


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Please include a brief description of the release. Even if it’s “FFO insert band here”.

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I’ll take a glance at Coombes and Plain

Will be seeing what sticks from quite a wide range including Rozi Plain and James Yorkston whose prior works I’ve enjoyed to varying degrees. Ballboy re-issue - never properly explored them but liked Gordon McIntyre’s solo LP last year a lot. Also a couple of new names:

Marlody - I’m not sure at all - Piccadilly records description below:
Molly - Picturesque - on the formidable Sonic Cathedral label. Norman Records description below

Marlody’s first album I’m Not Sure At All takes anxiety, weakness, fear - and turns them into strength: powerful melodies, the sweetest harmonies you ever heard, and lyrics that insist on the possibility of hope, without losing sight of the possibility of despair.

Dominated by her extraordinary keyboard playing, Marlody’s songs are illuminated - and sometimes made sinister - by occasional bursts of programmed percussion, submarine bass and distant, chiming digital bells. These are deep, darkly beautiful pop songs.

" Austrian shoegazers MOLLY return with their second album which promises to be bolder and more direct than their slow burn 2019 effort ‘All That Ever Could Have Been’. It’s still pretty epic though and takes more leaves out of the books of Slowdive and Sigur Rós but with a greater emphasis on noise coupled with songwriting straight from the heart."


FYI for those interested (such as myself) Jetplane Landing’s back catalogue is now available on streaming services.


New one here. Vinyl is out, but not sure when digital/ bandcamp is coming, as it’s up to the label.


I forgot that this was a ‘new’ release today (it’s been available for months).

My best mate’s sister. The album is incredible. Inevitable comparisons with Tori Amos, Kate Bush and the more sparse elements of PJ Harvey’s work.

She’s playing an album launch show on Sunday afternoon at The Betsy Trotwood in Clerkenwell.


came in to post this

I heard it pre-release and wasn’t fussed

I’ll stand by the first two albums being absolutely great though and they’re still a superb live band


Heard the name but never listened to them, so will definitely be checking this out

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Is it ever.

Tujiko Noriko – Crépuscule I & II

Double album of warm, atmospheric soundscapes with hushed Japanese vocals; much more soundtrack-y than her earlier pop/glitchy albums, with three longform 15-20 min tracks at the end.

Really enjoying these two:

Liela Moss - Internal Working Model
Art-pop, darker edge to the synths and electronics compared with the last record. Reminds me a bit of Lonelady. Gary Numan and Jehnny Beth both guest.

Billy Nomates - CACTI
Already mentioned, but I’ve just got the end of this one and put it straight back on again. Synth-pop, post-punk and even a bit of a country influence (the terrific ‘Vertigo’) with her talking/singing vocal style.


Well I’m sure, I enjoyed that.

Especially liked the track Otherly which had some nice production on it and the preview track Summer is really nice. My taste isn’t for vocals so a little contrast would have been nice to break up the tracks for my ears but I still listened to the lot with no skips; although Malevolence took me by surprise and I thought it was a different musician.

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Love this album; a great advert for writing under the influence of shedloads of hallucinogenic drugs.


This is the one I’ve been looking forward to - rinsed her album from a few years back.

FFO Kae Tempest or a less abrasive Sleaford Mods.


Digging the Molly Lp. Thanks to those that mentioned it. Not quite what I expected from a sonic cathedral release but like it a lot

Rozi is great ofc

this fit really well coming on right after Rozi also, shares some sonic similarities but then takes it in more upbeat, jangly and psychy directions. Definitely a fan - probably FFO Gwenno too


Ropes Inside a Hole - A Man And His Nature

Post-rock/metal from Italy

L ux - Become Your Star

One guy from Brittany making self-described post-black metal

Helvetia - You Shot Past the Moon Scapegoat

Prolific veterans back with more off-kilter indie rock