New Releases 13 Jan 23



Doom Flower were last week’s favourites by a comfortable distance; AJ Suede and Fireworks tied for second.

What did you like this week?

  • Ada - Connecting The Dots (DJ Mix)
  • Ansatz Der Maschine - Tunguska
  • Arbor Labor Union - Yonder
  • ASC - Eye of the Storm
  • ballboy - club anthems 2001 (anniversary edition)
  • Belle and Sebastian - Late Developers
  • Benni Hemm Hemm - Benni Hemm Hemm & The Melting Diamond Band IV
  • Billow Observatory - Calque
  • Billy Nomates - CACTI
  • Declaime & Madlib - In The Beginning Vol. 3
  • Earth - Even Hell Has It’s Heroes
  • Ekin Fil - Rosewood Untitled
  • Ezra Glatt - Pathways
  • Gabi Hartman - Gabi Hartman
  • Gaz Coombes - Turn the Car Around
  • Giant Swan - Fantasy Food
  • Helvetia - You Shot Past the Moon Scapegoat
  • James Yorkston & Nina Persson - The Great White Sea Eagle
  • Josephine Odhil - Volatile
  • Juni Habel - Carvings
  • Kollapse\e - Phantom Centre
  • L ux - Become Your Star
  • Labrador - Hold The Door For Strangers
  • Liela Moss - Internal Working Model
  • Lucas Santtana - O Paraíso
  • Margo Price - Strays
  • Marlody - I’m not sure at all
  • Molly - Picturesque
  • Nicolas Godin - Fires Of Love
  • Nicole Dollanganger - Married in Mount Airy
  • Obituary - Dying of Everything
  • Oliver Coates - Aftersun OST
  • poolblood - mole
  • Ropes Inside a Hole - A Man And His Nature
  • Rozi Plain - Prize
  • Ryuichi Sakamoto - 12
  • Skyzoo & The Other Guys - The Mind Of A Saint
  • Strange Attractor - Good Boy Bad Boy
  • The Subways - Uncertain Joys
  • Tujiko Noriko – Crépuscule I & II
  • Various Artists (Petite Victory Collective) - Various Artists Vol. 1
  • VV - Neon Noir
  • Worriedaboutsatan - Falling but Not Alone

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Had a spare ticket to the (amazing!) London gig last week, and swapped with someone for the vinyl copy of this. Ticket only cost me £7…

Oh, they played Edinburgh too. Probably should have been aware of who they were and gone to that …

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Looks like this got missed last week, but another new Reds, Pinks & Purples record appeared last week

Five new tracks. His Instagram suggests it had some kind of release last year but Spotify was 14 January.

Prolific guy, eh

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Brief thoughts
Enjoying the fuller sound with Rozi Plain
Billy Nomates is a grower but I question the track sequencing
Gaz Coombes feels like every track is a minute too long

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Yeah, agree with this. My issue with it is that I wish it had some choruses. I really like the album but find it a little frustrating that most of the songs stay in one gear without much of a bridge or a chorus to break things up and keep things interesting.

Gaz Coombes album is very very good. I would urge anyone that hasn’t given it a go to do so. He really knows his way around a song… or 10

Edit: all his solo stuff has been great tbh


Just got around to listening. I really like the atmospheres on these tracks and how they build. Looking forward to picking up the bandcamp release.

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Is it? A lot of the songs are mid-paced plod with fast bass kick which is a type of music I really can’t stand

It’s still faster than the 90’s albums.
I love the slow death chugg so I’m happy.

thanks! the bandcamp version is here:

-not sure why, but the label didn’t put it up on BC until about 3pm of release day, which was… interesting!


Simona Zamboli - A laugh will bury you

Had a couple of albums marked as maybes on the 13th that I am just getting round to listening to properly. This one I am really taken with - an sort of industrial techno record that really seems to be buzzing with the ominous power of untethered electricty. It’s not the broadest sonic palette but some really rich sound design makes for a very distinctive record.

Enjoying this Liela Moss album, thank you!

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Enjoying this very much. The Julie Byrne comparison is a good one musically (though maybe a bit more Adrienne Lenker vocally?)

Thanks for the tip!