🙉 🆕 New Releases 13 Oct 23 🆕 🦞

Here’s three for starters…

L’Rain - I Killed Your Dog

Her last album was brilliant - reviews for this one are suggesting this might be ever better. Experimental multi-instrumentalist and vocalist on Mexican Summer.

CMAT - Crazymad, for me

Loved last year’s debut. Country-tinged Irish pop.

Hyperdawn - Hyperdawn

Manchester band who, according to Boomkat, are at the intersection of Tirzah, HTRK, and Pre-Millennium Tension-era Tricky. Which sounds like a great place to be.


Former MCR wannabees go a bit meatloafy

Deftones gadgy goes a bit synthy


Goat – Medicine


Squirrel Flower – Tomorrow’s Fire
Atmospheric indie folk




CMAT is the big one for me today though. Hopefully ††† is good too

Gotts Street Park - On The Inside

Leeds trio and their crate digging, genre hopping odyssey. Inspired by 60s Motown, jazz and funk. FFO of surprise chef or kokoroko.

Mali Velasquez - I’m Green

Nashville based singer songwriter brings forth her style of folk tinged indie pop.

Maple Glider - I Get Into Trouble

Melbourne singer songwriter releases her second record. Based loosely around a Bible tale and her Christian upbringing apparently. Folky indie pop. Lead single Dinah was well good tbh.


CMAT all the way for me too. Also:

Troye Sivan - Something to give each other - hotly anticipated new one from the Aussie pop whizz.

The Streets - The Darker The Shadow The Brighter The Light

Loreen - Is it love - new single from the two-time Eurovision winner

Actress - Its me ( g 8 ) / Oway ( f 7 )

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Menzingers - Some Of It Was True
Springsteen influenced punk rock. Reliably good band this.

Chain Whip - Call Of The Knife
Modern hardcore punk, if you like the Chisel / old Fucked Up you might be in to this.


The Boygenius EP is out


Hello. As you may know, I make a weekly poll of the new releases each week.

It takes up a bit more time than I really have to give.

What takes the time is going through these posts to copy and paste the new releases into a list that I can then sort alphabetically, remove any duplicates and then make into the poll.

What really, really helps is when the artist and title is written in your posts in a way that means I can just copy and paste once.

Lot of posters already do this (and I really appreciate it) - look through and you’ll see lots of posts in this format:

Artist - Title


Spotify or Bandcamp link

That’s ideal for making the poll, because I can just copy and paste that Artist - Title line instead of having to copy the Artist from the Spotify link, add a hyphen then copy and paste the title. And it’s in bold so it stands out when I’m scrolling through the 100+ posts (doesn’t sound like much, does it, but multiplied across 60 to 100 releases each week, every week, it adds up. And it’s worse when the release is alluded to in a block of text without even a link).

So, please add the artist and title in an easy to copy and paste format if you aren’t already doing so.

Thank you.


Goat (jp) - Joy in Fear

New record out today from astonishing band Goat (jp) ((not the other ones)) but I can’t find it yet. Hope it makes its way to bandcamp soon.


Flamingods - Head Of Pomegranate

UK-Bahraini psych folk, taking inspiration from all over the place. It’ll go nicely with the Goat album.


Boomkat should have the MP3s I think.

Pretty funny that’s it’s hard enough to search for them without the music the other two Goats turning up and then it’s even more difficult as they release their new album on the same day as one of them!

Ha yeah. I think they’re not on spotify either.

Unbelievable band though.

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Dream Nails - Doom Loop

Political rage with queer joy punk


From The Mouth Of The Sun – Valley Of The Hummingbirds

Long-form modern classical dance piece soundtrack from Aaron Martin & Dag Rosenqvist feat. lots of strings (I think cellos, but I am shit at distinguishing one string instrument from another) and crunchy electronics.


AJ Suede and Steel Tipped Dove - Recurring Characters

Hazy woozy indie rap from one of my fav current MCs


Adored the last Crosses album. Chino’s voice with these electronic textures is amazing. Initial singles have been ok so curious to listen.


Here’s a new artist I’m developing on the Drowned In Sound label. A really strong purpose behind all her songs. This one is about grooming. Produced by Steven from Blood Red Shoes


Hooveriii - Pointe

Six piece psychedelic space rock from LA. FFO Tame Impala, Ulrika Spacek and the like.

Also looking forward to new Maple Glider and Goat.