New releases 13 which is a Friday in March

Spotify told me i might like to hit up the new Four Tet at one minute past midnight. I’ve also got things by Code Orange (heavy), The Districts (indie rock) and SOPHIE (Whatever) saved up. What else i ms there?

Porridge Radio and Hilary Woods for me.

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Four Tet and Cocorosie

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Got Julia Kent (cello noisy stuff), porridge Radio (DIY indie), Molly drag (dreamy folky stuff) and porches (indie stuff)

This came up for me too; these aren’t the SOPHIE you’re looking for.

For me, today is Four Tet, Shabaka and the Ancestors, Horse Lords (“lengthy, hypnotic, polyrhythmic pieces drawn from Krautrock, Afrobeat, and Appalachian folk traditions”) and an EP from James Holden and Waclaw Zimpel.

Also going to check out the album from Nigel Godrich’s band Ultraista as quite liked the recent single, though the only review I’ve seen wasn’t positive.


Four Tet twinkling and blooping
Hilary Woods eerie pregnancy folk
Shabaka and the Ancestors groove jazz
Deap Lips collaborative Flaming Lips thing

Hilary Woods
Horse Lords
Shabaka and the Ancestors

Good week.

New Cocorosie

Appears they’ve finally gone full hip hop

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New JFDR album which is like ethereal electronic/folk.

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Code Orange…Code Orange…Code Orange.

All about Code Orange today. Reviews have been through the roof for this one, so really looking forward to it.


Very excited about HORSE LORDS


Blanck Mass!


Debut from Human Impact

Ex Unsane, Cop Shoot Cop and Swans.

Appropriate for these times


The Holden / Zimpel EP is brilliant

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Yep, very much Code Orange for me too. Arrived yesterday and only 1 listen in, but sounding great. Swallowed the hype whole.

Came out last week. But yeah…awesome!

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Julia Kent? Has she got a new one out? All I can find is Green and Grey which came out in Jan…

I have no idea why I said Julia Kent. I meant Hilary Woods. Heads not with it today. Fucking moving stresses


Holy shit! Jay Electronica has released his more than a decade in the making debut album! Apparently a collab album with Jay Z. On tidal but can’t see on Spotify yet…

Hah! :smiley: I was a bit confused by that, she’s never been quite that prolific!

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