New Releases 14/05/21

Getting this thread posted early because I am very excited about today, with the artists responsible for my 2019 and 2014 albums of the year with new releases! Got a couple of others on my radar too, and as always I’ll be checking out your recommendations below too.

Sons of Kemet – Black To The Future

Shabaka Hutchings’ quartet’s 4th LP has been reviewing very well. Expect propulsive percussion, top brass from the tuba of Theon Cross and Shab’s sax and exciting guest spots from the likes of Moor Mother and Angel Bat Dawid.

St Vincent - Daddy’s Home

6th solo album proper from Annie Clark which has also been getting some great reviews. 70s sleazy New York funk seems to be a big part of the vibe and I am very on board with that.

Fatima Al Qadiri – Medieval Femme

Away from the big two, this album on Hyperdub of medieval Arabic female poetry accompanied by synth, strings, organ and gongs has caught my attention.

Jayda G - DJ Kicks

Expecting a good party mix here. Her track Both of Us last year was immense.


Fightmilk for me.


Still 5 hours behind here so links haven’t hit bandcamp/spotify yet. But

KMRU- Logue (ambient, electronic, experimental)
J. Cole- Off Season (hip, hop)
Panopticon- And Again Into the Light (atmospheric black metal)
Julianna Hatfield- Blood
Sarah Neufield- Detritus (ambient, modern classical)
Sons of Kemet
St Vincent

big week!


I’ve got St Vincent on now like a midnight madman obsessive fan. Has a lovely laid back flow to lots of it. Looking forward to putting it on loud tomorrow. Sounds like it would be rich and delicious on good speakers

maaaaaybe check out the new Black Keys if someone says its decent.

Big day with St Vincent and Sons of

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Hello DiS! Long time no speak isn’t it?

The band I drum for etc, Fightmilk, has our second album out today. We’re immensely proud of it. FFO DIY punk-pop/indie-punk, early Weezer, we get some britpop comparisons but I don’t really see them tbh

Here’s some links to buy/stream it -

Here’s some nice reviews we’ve got

Kerrang - Album review: Fightmilk – Contender — Kerrang!

Punktastic -


Noizze - Fightmilk – Contender | Album Review

And a big review/interview with us for Louder Than War -

Hope you all like it lots!


Arvo Party! (Electronic ambient ish)

Alexandr! (Lo-fi beats ish)

Very short new release from The Flashbulb


Happy Fightmilk day!


Looking forward to some folky stuff today


Big day with albums from Fightmilk, Juliana Hatfield and The Chills. Will give the Pardoner album (“Came Down Different”) a go too after getting a bit of a mid-period Sonic Youth vibe off the “Donna Said” single.

This “supergroup” fundraiser single (featuring bass from Debbie of MBV, and a spoken word section from Brix Smith) for Women’s Aid is worth a quid too.

The bookmark function with a reminder for Monday has never been so useful.

Two long drone pieces from growing

Edit: think it had a digital release a couple of weeks ago actually


Exciting week with St Vincent, Jayda G and Juliana Hatfield, all of which have been mentioned.

I’m also going to be listening to:

Morcheeba - Blackest Blue
10th studio album from Morcheeba. Downtempo soul beats. I think Morcheeba are great and unfairly maligned.

Moth Effect - Hovering
“With Hovering, Moth Effect has crafted an intelligent and bold album, one that wonderfully fuses psych, electronica, space-rock and kosmische. Ultimately though, at its core this is a pop record and a damn good one at that.” - Gordon Rutherford, Louder Than War

And a couple of EPs:

Bill Fever - Money Goes To Bloody Money
First release from this solo indie rock artist. Enjoyed the title track when it was played on the BBC Introducing mixtape.

Rodrigo y Gabriela - The Jazz EP
Instrumental guitar covers including one of Kamasi Washington’s Street Fighter Mas


Love Sarah Neufeld’s solo stuff, had no idea there was a new album coming.

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Didn’t realise Growing were still a thing!

Blue Lab Beats - We Will Rise (EP)

First release on Blue Note from the ascending Jazztronica production duo.

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Can’t believe people are pretending to listen to new St. Vincent and Sons of Kemet first when there’s new Delta Goodrem out.

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Annie are you okay