New Releases 14/06/2019

All about the heaviness this morning. Will be listening to new albums from Pelican and Baroness. Listening to Baroness’ back catalogue on shuffle whilst in the gym last night made me realise I should listen to them more. Might also check out the new Madonna.

Springsteen, Baroness and Clay Rendering for me today

Mattiel and Kate Tempest for me.

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I’ve got an EP out on See Blue Audio. Dubby electronica with some rolling rhythms amd a bit of ambience. First release on a label I didn’t co-found :upside_down_face:


Her recent Live At Leeds gig was magic. Looking forward to digging into the album.

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Bill Callahan for me. Will probably give Baroness a listen.


Seeing her next week at Rough Trade East. Last time she was there she did her album in full. Great gig.

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Shellac Peel Sessions are out today :yum:


Think only Bill Callahan today.


Oh wait, new Burial EP too!


Shellac Peel Sessions LP is out today.


House and Land have a new album out. They’re an excellent female bluegrass duo, ffo Mountain Man


I haven’t enjoyed a Baroness record since Blue. Is this the one that wins me back? The smart money is on no. I’m pleased they’re doing so well these days though. Seem like a GBOL who’ve been through a lot.

If the Iron & Wine/Calexico ep is even half as good as their first effort I’ll be very, very happy.

@Twinkletoes’ new ep is of his usual high standard, a bit more dubby and low key than usual - I can only assume he scheduled this weather to herald it’s arrival as it really suits a rain soaked commute.


Pelican was last week, bu I’ve no given i a full listen yet. Like What I’ve heard. Will be giving Baroness a listen and the new Steve Hadfield :heart_eyes: and the Shellac one. I’m assuming none of the new ones they played at Primavera are on this?

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Cheers pal :slight_smile: Needed to channel some complicated emotions and thoughts into music at the time of writing!

Bill Callahan, Calexico + Iron & Wine, and Wasuremono for me to try this week from what I can see.

Baroness are fucking great, Purple was amazing and Gold & Grey Has really good songs but I am furious about the production. They’d gone back to Dave Fridmann, who butchered Purple, and it sounds like he’s recorded all the drums directly into his fucking iPhone.


Bruce, Iron & Wine/Calexico, Bill Callahan, Burial and @Twinkletoes for me.

Also the new tracks by Anais Mitchell and Sturgill Simpson.

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Was enjoying Bill Callahan on the way to work, but it’s looooonnnnggggg. Will also be listening to Iron & Wine/Calexico as the singles sounded lush.

Other than that, Soften have a new EP out, Soften Forever. Shoegaze influenced

Bill Callahan. Burial. Bamboo. All the Bs.

Will give Madonna a go to for all the good it will do me.