New Releases 14/06/2019

How’s everyone feeling about the Bill Callahan record? I love Smog but for whatever reason have never bothered with his BC releases. Just feels like it lacks the bite and rough edges that are a big part of what I like about Smog but maybe I’m not giving it enough of a chance.

I think it’s lovely. You have to give it a bit of time because there a lot of songs on it and on first listen they all sound a bit similar. Each one’s a little pearl though.

He’s definitely a different proposition now to in the Smog era, but then he’s nearly 15 years older than he was when he made the last Smog record and nearly 30 years older than he was when he made the first one. It would be surprising (and a bit sad) if he was still the same person.

His solo albums have been consistently excellent though. Dream River (the last one) was as good as anything he’s ever done.

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Max Cooper remixes of Olafur Arnalds. FFO Max Cooper and Olafur Arnalds.ólafur-arnalds-and-it-is-heavenly


Cheers, will definitely give it a few more listens. On first listen I definitely liked that each song felt like a small vignette.

Yeah. The new Springsteen album is brilliant. Similar in style to My Hometown than his big rock numbers.

Really enjoyed these

Never heard of Claire Cronin before recommendation upthread, tremendous album. Strong shades of early Cat Power.
The new Bill Callahan is wonderful. The last quarter is particularly beautiful.

Was hoping for better from Springsteen, have been rinsing his catalog recently while reading his autobiography but not feeling this yet.

Could be my album of the year so far. Absolutely brilliant.


Agree with all of that (thanks @rich-t) . It does remind me of early Cat Power (high praise) but there’s something else it reminds me of more that I can’t quite place. I particularly like the more discordant, electric, songs like Call Out.


I bought the soundtrack to Self Discovery For Social Survival earlier, and it’s fantastic. Dungen, Allah-la’s, Peaking Lights, Connan Mockasin all contributing. I quite fancy seeing the film that goes with it too.

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Gave it a spin this morning. I prefer some of the more ‘poppy’ earlier stuff but this one has some lovely moments.

Hey so on my second listen now, and this is quite a bit different to her first two, huh?

Really interesting choice to tone down the aggressive production, but her wordplay is as dense as ever and it’s nice to have it pushed up front.

Be interesting to see how it works in a live environment.

I’ll let you know later. Seeing her live tonight.

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Been a big fan of Mattiel - Stasis Factory. Good garage rock n roll vibes meets singer songwriter

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Also the new Baroness is a MASSIVE disappointment, the production/mastering is ABYSMAL. It sounds rancid

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The songs are great.
The production is baffling.

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I’m generally baffled by this - lots of people are saying it so it’s obviously ‘a thing’ but I don’t hear it at all. It sounds absolutely fine to me so I don’t know what I’m missing. There’s a weird bit at the start of Cold-Blooded Angels that seems to have been mastered too quiet, but otherwise I don’t have any problems with the production or mastering.

I’m generally interested in what the difference is - I don’t know whether it is how people are listening to it (I’m listening to the vinyl through decent speakers - got it on at the moment and it sounds great). Possibly might have something to do with the fact that I don’t listen to that much music like this - maybe people have expectations about what a rock album is supposed to sound like in 2019 that I don’t share. It’s interesting that the criticism of the sound of it seems to be a fan/online thing rather than a critics thing - the reviews have been really good.

I think it’s really good,

How was it?

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Sadly I’ll probably never know. I couldn’t tell you how their songs stack up to their other albums because I was so distracted by how bad it sounded, not sure if I have it in me to listen to it ever again.

Listened to a master version via Tidal through a Hugo Mojo and Sennheiser HD800. That might be why I’m able to pick up everything wrong with the mix xD

That’s the problem with listening primarily on headphones, bad mixes are very apparent compared to speakers, sadly my living arrangements dont allow me to crank choons on speakers these days :frowning:

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