New releases 14/09/18

Got Noname and Guerilla Toss lined up for today, pretty psyched for those as both had great last records. What else is out? Feeling a bit fruity today so wouldn’t mind getting my mind warped by something I don’t normally listen to

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Low - Double Negative is finally out


Listening to the new Chills album right now. Pretty good, probably on a par with the previous one but much more direct (10 songs, 33 minutes, it’s practically the Ramones).

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I also have Low lined up, along with Richard Thompson and EPs from Aphex Twin and Sleaford Mods.

Really excited about Low, didn’t bother with any of the streams so will be going in fresh at some point.

Really excited today about the new Fred Thomas record. Main guy from Saturday Looks Good to Me, dabbled in other stuff, but has mostly been making brilliant solo records these last few years. They’ve been sorta existential howls of pain (really get the feeling he’s not enjoying being in his late 30s) but with a lot of black humour. Gonna assume from the song titles this is more of the same.

(Alternatively, if this is rubbish, highly recommend his album from last year.)

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Emma Ruth Rundle!

Will try new Low but I’m not really excited with their new direction as everyone else.


So far Given Thrice’s album a spin. it’s the usual blend of earnest melodic post hardcore and once again the disappointing lead single works a little better on the album

as well as Noname, Aphex Twin and GT, I’ll be giving The Dirty Nil a listen (scuzzy punk rock’n’roll) and Film School (shoegaze) although I think I’ll be a bit disappointed it’s not as noisy as they used to be. Petrol Girls also have an ep out I guess they’re like a feminist old-school ATD-i

Oh wow, didn’t realise she had a new record out!

Low first then this.


New one from Disintegration State - Ghost Halo’s Hyperdeath. Eerie 2-step, found sounds amd foggy synths. On Bandcamp and streaming.


Low, Aphex Twin, Orbital, The Goon Sax, Jungle and most looking forward to of all, Hooveriii (really enjoyed their singles so far this year)

Obvs psyched for Aphex and Orbital on the electronic side of things.

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Heard the new Dilly Dally on the way to work. Sounds good.

Aphex Twin!
The Goon Sax!

What a day!

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Lots to look forward to today. Most looking forward to the new Dirty Nil, the singles sounded fantastic.

The Dirty Nil - Master Volume
Vennart - To Cure a Blizzard Upon a Plastic Sea
Pale Waves - My Mind Makes Noises
Orbital - Monsters Exist
Thrice - Palms

There’s a new Ben Chatwin (Talvihorros) album today.


Been listening to Low for a couple of weeks. Will continue to do so officially from today. Wonderful stuff.

We were promised jetpacks

Should be a good day.

Gonna listen to Low on Spotify instead of it being on a shitty stream.

Might give that new Chills one a go too

Already sounds much better to my ears.

I’m going to give up on album streams (NPR and the like), they just aren’t worth having a first listen being influenced by the lower bitrate. The new Spiritualized is another example for me.

Not sold on Orbital’s new one. Diving back in for a second play of Aphex now - bloody love that he’s decided to start releasing pretty frequently again

Apart from Low and Emma Ruth Rundle, will have a go on Ben Chatwin’s latest, Drone Signals (one for @Twinkletoes and @McGarnagle maybe)