New releases 14/09/18


Keep seeing his name around. Adding to my to-do list.


Cheers bud! Lining that up for my post Aphex listen.


@AphexTwinkletoes it’s a companion piece to his release earlier in the year, Staccato Signals (which I enjoyed a lot)


Low and Sarah Davachi for me today. Will also give Aphex Twin and Ben Chatwin a listen.


low low low low low Low Low Low Low Low LOW LOW LOW LOW LOW LOW LOW LOW




Low and We Were Promised Jetpacks.


this apparently came out two days ago, it’s doing good things to my sleep deprived mind


The Low album is freaking amazing.

Noname is great too. Glad I’ve got a day off today.


Loving the Vennart album


I used to live with Petrol Girls, GBOL :slight_smile:


so that’s Aphex Twin then aye?


Had no idea that Emma Ruth Rundle and Noname had stuff out today. I bloody love these threads! Thanks for all the heads up.

(despite my excitement for the above, I’m listening to Low first, I’m not mad)




Think I’ll check this out too


Amazing album!!


Goon Sax is worth a listen!


Just finished Emma Ruth Rundle and it is utterly fantastic.

Today is a great release day.


Ben Chatwin is great. Good call - really evocative drone


Came out on Tuesday, but the new Wanderwelle on Silent Season is an incredible slice of dubby ambient techno. Still probably the most reliable label around for my money.


small world! they’re really great. At Reading they gave a few trigger warnings about a particular song that was about 4 songs away, followed by saying something along the lines of “the next song is about the female orgasm through the eyes of a werewolf that wants to destroy parliament”.