New releases 14/09/18


So far I’ve gone for:

Aphex Twin - Collapse EP
Sarah Davachi - Gave In Rest
Ghost Halo - Hyperdeath (thanks for highlighting this, @AphexTwinkletoes)

Also treated myself to the 2xLP reissue of Wolves In The Throne Room’s Two Hunters. An extended version of Cleansing and a vinyl-only bonus track? Yes please.



Just stuck Sarah D on now for a first listen. Strong week.


Alright Michael Stipe


haha, aye sounds about right! The S.E punx scene is pretty tight tbf, once you know one you pretty much know them all :wink:


Noname - Room 25


really enjoying the fred thomas. that anna burch collab is just wonderful.


There is so much this week, the folder I made on Spotify is already ten albums full. Glad I have 6 hours of train rides coming Monday.

Gave the Low album another full listen today, continues to be my album of the year, everything about it just works for me. Beautiful.

Got the Noname album going, had no idea what it was going to sound like but this is very good.

I have also enjoyed the first single from Hen Ogledd (Richard Dawson’s band) Problem Child this week too, if you just want a single song to listen to!


This compilation of 1980s French boogie/electro/hip-hop is going down a treat for a friday afternoon:


One of the few bands I’ve seen live who’s stuff I didn’t know that have literally made my jaw drop. Phenomenal live show


Halfway through my first listen to the Low album, and so far it’s pretty extraordinary. The production is doing weird things to my head.


My lunchtime visit to Rough Trade East :+1:


The debut Brandon Coleman album is out today on Brainfeeder. If you love Herbie Hancock or any other jazz slathered with vocoder then this will be for you. He’s the vocalist that featured on Vi Lua Vi Sol on Kamasi Washington’s latest album.


Oh and the two new tracks that sounded interesting, funky and soulful when played live (Beat 54 and Cherry) sound dull as dishwater on the new Jungle record so I probably won’t bother with that.


Interested to hear what folks make of Orbital.


Was planning to get through a few new releases today but this Noname album is too delightful to turn off.


I found Orbital a bit dull. Started skipping tracks by the 4th one. Can’t see myself going back to it at all.


Yeah, I’ve tried it twice and switched off at track 7 both times. Still go back to Wonky. a lot but this doesn’t feel as exciting


Didn’t know this was out today. You’re right, it’s utterly fantastic.


Vennart, pretty damn good
Aphex Twin - liked the lead track, looking forward to the rest
Spirit Of The Beehive - read good things, pretty nutty Tiny Engines favourite.
Thrice - I’m a sucker for Thrice. Usually one or two stonkers on each record.


Have to say, I’m enjoying the Orbital album.