New releases 14/09/18


Semi jag but my buddy just released his latest record and it’s jam packed full of witty, slightly odd indie pop songs. Check it!


I was the biggest Thrice fan up until the hiatus but I’ve struggled to care about anything they’ve done since they reformed, it’s all* a bit dull and pointless.

*The last album and the single from this one. I really should give the new one a chance I suppose!


Major / Minor is great… I got into them later though


M/M IS great, they were at the top of their game when it came out . Have you heard Vheissu? (Probably needs to be continued in a dedicated Thrice thread)


Yup, I’m enjoying it too. Relatively low key for them, but then again Snivilisation is a low key masterpiece and this has a similar vibe :+1:


Listening to it now, on to Tiny Foldable Cities. I avoided hearing any of the advance tracks as I wanted it to be something of an occassion; I preordered the deluxe CD as soon as I could.
I was, perhaps foolishly, hoping for something of a return to the hights of In Sides. I blame the artwork which is somewhat evocative. I don’t hate what I’m getting, though, it’s a bit Sniv meets Blue. It feels kind of anxious, in a way. Blue Album was the last Orbital album I heard (sorry, Wonky) so this feels like a bit of a trip back to 2004-ish, but from an older, more jaded Orbital.


Cor, Vision OnE was a bit of a goer. That one had a bit of a wink to In Sides in the pads.
Oh, also picked up Aphex Twin - Collapse EP, because I’m not some sort of not-Aphex-Twin-buying degenerate.


Do it. I think I gave it a once over but was too ‘in deep’ with Major / Minor at the time to see past it


Night Shop - In the Break. FFO Kevin Morby.


Lyla Foy - Bigger Brighter

I loved her first ep years ago, one of my favourite eps in a long while, although I wasn’t too wow’ed on her debut album. Will give this album a go to see how it is. At least it has Jonathan Donahue (Mercury Rev) singing on a song:


Ok so the ‘bonus tracks’ on Monsters Exist are considerably better than the album itself. And THEN there’s Copenhagen, which is on the BONUS bonus tracks (from the box set) which is the best track of the lot. This is maddening.


I was pretty disappointed with Orbital. Just sounds very dated now, doesn’t it?


I shall give them a whirl. I am genetically predisposed to like something called Kaiju anyway


:exploding_head: How small is your turntable?


Pretty small :sunglasses:

This was my old super minimalist setup (got a larger speaker now)…


That looks so cool. Puts all the focus on the record itself. Lovely set up.




Typically great from Numero…


@Amity - nice recommendation; enjoyed that Spirit of the Beehive, Hypnic Jerks album. Ta, muchly.


@paulo13 - will have to give it more time, but very much enjoyed this on first spin. Thanks for the recommendation. Love this thread.