New releases 14/12/18

Fine, I’ll do it!

Disintegration State has put out an excellent remix EP of Sunbane’s The Alchemist. The original track is an absolute banger and the remixes have taken it in some cool new directions.


New Charlotte Gainsbourg EP, includes her cover of Runaway (!)

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As in the Kanye song?


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I’m listening to Springsteen on Broadway. It’s quite something.


The film version is also out on Netflix this weekend - listed as 2hr33 so presume is the same as the record.


Not much new for me - apart from a load of rockin’ Christmas tunes.

But my mate put out an album this week and you might like to give it a listen. Sounds in part like PWEI around the Auslander era.

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Nothing particularly standing out this week, spent the morning listening to the Below soundtrack by Jim Guthrie as I won’t able to play it til January, and sounds like the moody game I am looking forward to!

Also, the new American Football track is getting many repeats again today.

Not much out today but there is some lovely/harrowing sludge/doom from Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean:

And while it was technically released on Tuesday the new Gentleman Losers record is a nice bit of sad eyed lo-fi/ambient/post-rock sort of stuff:

Also the Alchemist remixes in the OP are well worth your eartime.

That Gentleman Losers track is lovely :+1: - I will have to investigate them further

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It really is! They’re quite eclectic but they retain that sort of warm melancholy whatever they’re playing.

Beach Riot - EP

4 episodes of scuzzy garage punk

Super Furry Animals At The BBC is out in stores now, for those who couldn’t be bothered to deal with Pledge Music’s shenanigans.

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New track by Unkle with Editors’ Tom Smith on vocals in great.

Always thought his vocals would be suited to UNKLE. Lovely stuff.

Always a quiet time for releases…so pleasantly surprised to see Hammock have released an LP “Univeralis”…although that may have been last week - anyone had escaped my attention but will definitely be checking it out

Mew have stuck out a new live album with an orchestra. It’s pretty sweet

The new Bruce Springsteen album is wonderful. Looking forward to seeing the show on Netflix in a few days.

James has remixed ‘Cold’ off the Editors last album. He’s taken a fairly whimsical pop record and given it a beautiful atmospheric feel.

As always at this time of year, not so much out there this week, but I am enjoying Lee Ranaldo’s live acoustic version of his 2017 album, Electric Trim, Live at Rough Trade East, probably more than rightfully I should, So, far my album of the week.So, that’s my contribution to this thread. Must go back and listen to the original too. And a few other things from this thread too, as ever …