New releases 14th July 2017

A good day for releases for me. New ones by Waxahatchee, Japanese Breakfast and Sheer Mag; all bands that I’ve tickets booked for.

Which other albums do I need to check out that are released today?

There’s a new Omar Rodriguez-Lopez.

2 new Shabazz Palaces records today. Just sorted a couple of tickets for the Oval Space gig,

I was just about to a make the new releases thread!

Currently got on the new Waxahatchee with Soft Sounds From Another Planet already queued up to listen to next.

Elsewhere there is the first posthumous material from Alan Vega. The album’s called IT; as confrontational and as terrifying as you’d expect from the Suicide front man.

Will check out Shabazz Palaces at some point too.

HIYA my silly pop band have an EP out through Fierce Panda today. It’ll take all of 12 minutes to listen to it. THANKS xx

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Apart from the aforementioned, I’ve also played the new Boris album. Don’t think it’s going to be one I return to on a regular basis. I guess I’m not as metal as I like to think I am.

This EP is bloody brilliant. I’ve heard it twice already. All four songs are excellent. NYE is the best.

Any London dates scheduled? If I’m free I’ll come.

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Oohh thanks! Thats my favourite on there too. You just missed our EP launch party thing, but we’re playing the Lexington on Thursday with Skinny Girl Diet :slight_smile:

Really good new album from Siobhan Wilson out today and a corker of a summer-reggae-pop single from Hollie Cook.

Not sure why Spotify’s Release Radarf forgot to tell me about Waxahatchee this morning. I shall add that album to my queue immediately!

John Murry, who made The Graceless Age a few years ago, is back with A Short History of Decay.

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I’ve got tickets for Sheer Mag that evening at Islington Assembly Hall nearby. I’ll buy myself a ticket to see your band and then will head to see Sheer Mag. I’ll message you next Thursday to ask for a rough time when you’re on stage if that’s ok?

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This is bloody excellent of you

Ticket bought. Looking forward to it.

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Wahoo! Thank you SO much. We’re on around 8 so should work very well!

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The Decemberists side project… Offa Rex for me Clive.

new album by The Jimmy Cake which they describe as “part kosmische post-punk dystopia, part time-lapsed motorik stoner rock.”

it’s v good anyway. essentially one long 40 minute piece divided into two sides

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Ooooooh YES!! Bloody loving this band - cheers for posting and again for bringing them to my attention Ic-Smic! Will have a listen over the weekend…

No problem! Went to the album launch in Dublin last weekend, hadn’t seen em before. Did Observatory Destroyer off the last album and then this one in full, was pretty great!

Might as well jag my review here…

The Dears - ‘Times Infinity pt2’. Totally back on form

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