New Releases 15/04/2022

Happy new music week.

Let’s start with the surprise new album from Sault.

Sault - Air
A very different sound this time around, much more orchestral. It’s name your price on Bandcamp.


I am also excited about:

50 Foot Wave - Black Pearl
Kristin Hersh’s heavier band are back with a very welcome 7 track album.

Clara Engel - Their Invisible Hands

The music of Toronto-based singer-songwriter Clara Engel (they/them) has a quality that’s hard to define. Imagine that scene in Guillermo Del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth where Ofelia draws a doorway with chalk on the wall, only to step through it into some kind of mystical parallel world, a world full of wonder with something dark lingering at the edge of the night. It’s this kind of magical, transportive experience that Engel’s latest album provides. Their Invisible Hands creates its own world; a world of wayward sunbeams and slumbering devils.


Samora Pinderhughes - GRIEF
“Written in the spirit of music from the ’60’s and ’70s by artists like Nina Simone and Curtis Mayfield who made powerful statements about life and social justice through their music”
Sounds quite impressive on first skip through.

Loch Lomond - The Young
Portland, Oregan band, who I’ve not heard for years now. Has trumpet, flugelhorn, glockenspiel, and other sounds like that. Sounds nice and fresh.

Carolina Eyck - Thetis 2086
German-Sorbian composer, who you obviously don’t need me to tell you is ‘largely recognised as the world’s leading theremin virtuoso.’
“She takes the perspective of an extraterrestrial visitor to the fictional planet Thetis 2086 and composes an album that impressively demonstrates the sonic breadth of theremin, combines electronic and vocal elements, and in parallel addresses one of the most urgent social problems of our time.”

Kurt Vile - (watch my moves)
Feel like I should properly get around to checking Kurt Vile out some time. The first song sounds lovely.

Reigns - The Conjuror
“Mostly instrumental and electronic, there are influences of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and early Kraftwerk throughout the beautiful ‘Tollinghurst’.”

Mansfield.TYA - Twenty Years After
French synthy kind of band (I think). I loved their album from last year, and this is apparently a compilation of songs from their first four albums, so will definitely check it out. The first song is a nice delicate song with piano and viola or cello accompaniment.

Auclair - Giramata EP
British-Rwandan artist, “touching on left-field pop, science fiction, and electronic production…her incoming EP veers between vintage synths and Sun Ra, while also conjuring a melodic directness.”

Typhoon - Underground Complex No. 1
Arcade Fire’s new EP in advance of their new album.

and Sault. will check out Sault.


Various Artists - HeForShe x femme culture Vol. 4

New charity compilation of beats raising money for the UN Women’s Safe Spaces Now programme and Ukrainian relief efforts.


All Structures Align. Details and drawings

Slinty alt rock. Just released on Spotify.


Thought today was looking pretty slim pickings as I checked the schedule earlier this week but that’s a strong start!

Oren Ambarchi / Johan Berthling / Andreas Werliin - Ghosted

Jazzy, minimalist krautrock jams from a Swedish trio on bass, guitar and drums on Drag City.


A Wilhelm Scream - Lose Your Delusion
Thrashy melodic skate punk similar to Propagandhi

FFO: shred, gnar, checkerboard Vans slip ons.


Joel Ross - The Parable of the Poet

Luxurious jazz from vibraphonist band leader Joel Ross on Blue Note. I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while. There’s an 8 piece band behind him including a lot of his label-mates from Blue Note, and so far this sounds like an instant classic to me.


Various Artists - Saturno 2000 - La Rebajada de Los Sonideros 1962 - 1983

Hypnotic primer on Rebajada, the sound of Mexican sonideros - soundsystem operators -slowing cumbia tracks for the benefit of dancers, with syrupy, psychedelic results akin to early rocksteady in Jamaica, DJ Screw in US, Danielle Baldelli in Italy, or Fat Ronnie in Belgium


Nonsun - Blood & Spirit

Drone, sludge, doom, Post Metal.


Rarities and demos from these arms are snakes

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Axel Boman has an album out, I’ve enjoyed he’s singles so will be interested to hear this (house)


KMRU - Imperceptible Perceptible

New 20 minute track from KMRU - Berlin-based Kenyan ambient / electronic / field recordings artist.


All about KV today and for the next month probly


New EP from Jim Bob out today for anyone interested in that kind of thing


This is real good.

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A new “greatest hits” with 3 new tracks from criminally overlooked Glasgow indie band Butcher Boy. Hopefully it finally gets them some belated attention as they have a knack for writing great 3minute indie-pop tunes with charming lyrics


Kurt Vile record is great.

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Spanish Love Songs have reimagined their last album. I’m rather apprehensive about it, as I love that album, but I’m still looking forward to seeing if it works.