New releases 15/06/18

Melody’s Echo Chamber album is brilliance!

Check the single

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So glad the new Melody’s Echo Chamber s being released…after what she went through last year.

Will put that on alongside RBCF and Leon Vynehall


Looking forward to the new Stuart Staples and Rolling Blackouts, as a few have already mentioned.

The Disintegration State sampler of course.



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Yep, jaggity jag jagging time!

11 DiSers have put together a two disc techno/ambient/drone/IDM sampler to launch our new label Disintegration State


LITE have released an EP, if very tight instrumental mathy Japanese heavy rock is your sort of thing.


Bold choice by Rolling Blackouts to start the album with the three singles they released in the run up to the album coming out.

SOPHIE’s album is out today


Apart from the Disintegration State sampler and @colossalhorse’s brilliant debut as Veins Full of Static I’m planning on getting involved with Protomartyr and now the S&S Presents thing that @rich-t has mentioned.


As well as Protomatyr and Rolling Blackouts lined up, going to be listening to the new:

  • Culture Abuse (self described as kinda grunge, kinda punk, kinda hardcore, definitely a good time - singles have been really catchy so far);

  • Petal (raw female fronted emo/balladry)

  • Here Lie’s Man (psych-fuzz-Afrobeat - really enjoyed the debut they released last year).

Thought the Kamasi Washington album was out this week (gnashes teeth).

just played through, what a fantastic surprise at how good this is. really coherent and flows nicely.

gonna give this a go. i like ponyboy in a kind of, i dunno, daft way

New Chromeo is full on late night LA beach electro funk. Packed with bangers.

the last track is like the autechre/pop collaboration of your dreams

Probably the weakest release week since Christmas. I did enjoy the Stuart A Staples record though. Didn’t like Protomartyr at all, even with Kelley Deal on it.

I might try R+R=Now later on.

had one of LITE’s EPs years ago in my circa-2010 math rock phase. saw the other day that they’re playing Belfast later this year so i might have to get back into them

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new Johnny Marr today

some good tips itt, only one to add is civic by Kluster. Fun and inventive indie rock stuff, kinda like Palm but more poppy.