New releases 15/06/18

New Chromeo is full on late night LA beach electro funk. Packed with bangers.

the last track is like the autechre/pop collaboration of your dreams

Probably the weakest release week since Christmas. I did enjoy the Stuart A Staples record though. Didn’t like Protomartyr at all, even with Kelley Deal on it.

I might try R+R=Now later on.

had one of LITE’s EPs years ago in my circa-2010 math rock phase. saw the other day that they’re playing Belfast later this year so i might have to get back into them

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new Johnny Marr today

some good tips itt, only one to add is civic by Kluster. Fun and inventive indie rock stuff, kinda like Palm but more poppy.

I’ll be giving the new Johnny Marr album a spin this weekend. Really like ‘Hi Hello’, so hoping for good things.

yeah you’ll see why

the opening track of Consolation is amazing m9

If y’all can tear yourselves away, may I recommend DANCEHALL which is yer man Tim from Kill Kenada (remember them!) and my man Craig from Ice Sea Dead People/Spoilers, it’s really great melodic-rock:

I also reviewed it because I love it so (dunno why it’s listed as a “Demo” review):

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Well colour me interested

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Leon Vynehall released his first album today. Not as dancy as I would have liked but very atmospheric and cinematic.

Spotlights are a dream pop / sludge metal band, they released a remix ep that’s almost a dark electronica ep toped off with an amazing cover of Faith by the Cure. Arron Harris does one of the remixes.

This is his third album isn’t it?

I though that too but he says it’s his first, the others were ep’s apparently.

Charlie Looker’s latest solo work is out today

Tiniest bit irked that I helped kickstart this but I didn’t actually get anything ahead of the official release

Also new instrumental country by Marissa Anderson

I’ll be checking this out, cheers for the reminder

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Been really looking forward to Leon Vynehall since the first couple tracks were released. Can’t wait to stick it on when I get home from work.

Then the Disintegration State one natch!


This whole thing is cracking. Track 3 is my favourite so far.

I want more though, MOAR!!!

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Gonna give Leon Vynehall a spin as well

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